Elegant Combat

"French Boxing is a deep science that requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility and strength." Théophile GAUTIER


"A fight with no other weapons than natural weapons where you cannot be taken by surprise." Théophile GAUTIER

Be a team

"Sometimes I feel exhausted, but I still want to go along to Savate after work".

Train together

Meet new friends - kick them in the head.


"How much can you know about yourself if you have never been in a fight?" Tyler Durden.

Elegant Combat : London Savate

Sport is life.

Break out of your comfort zone. Learn to fight in a ring. Get to know yourself. Be fitter, stronger.

Boxe-Francaise Savate is an elegant fight sport from France. We have classes on week nights in central London - Waterloo and Bankside. Everyone from beginner to World Champion trains together in this club. You won't get hurt: this is technical kickboxing, using angles, psychology and movement to outwit and out-manoeuvre an opponent. Our training offers a great workout, strength training and a fitness buzz. It is accurate, efficient and ...elegant.

It is great fun too. You'll meet loads of new friends: they'll be the ones watching your back if you step into the ring someday.

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About Savate

About Savate
Savate is a French kickboxing sport that is elegant, efficient and fun.

Meet our coaches

Meet our coaches
World Champion James Southwood London has been training students for over 10 years


Read about The Psychology of the Competitive Encounter from our coach James Southwood
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  • London Savate is a member club of the Great Britain Savate Federation.