In Praise of Agility

Fighting is often regarded as a battle of strength. From the Colosseum to the octagon, the stronger fighter, replete with muscular force and physical fortitude, fulfils the public definition of a warrior and is seen to have the potential to vanquish all weaker opponents.

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Savate grading in London 22 July 2017

We are hosting a GBSF Savate grading for Blue and Green Gloves in London on Saturday 22nd July 2017.

Spaces are strictly limited, with an anticipated maximum of 12. First come, first served.

Soho Gyms,
11-15 Brad Street
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Jumping Joao

A spinning kick demonstrated by Joao at the London Savate Monday night class at the LSBU Academy of Sport


Benefits of Assaut

savate assaut

Learning to fight is a great way to improve your body. It requires cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility and skill. The turnoff, however, is the risk of sustaining damage. If you … Continue reading