London Team: Helsinki Savate Open 2018

Information for London Savate fighters who want to participate in the Helsinki Savate Open 2018.

Event: Helsinki Savate Open 2018.
Location: Savate Club Konala, Ruosilankuja 3, Helsinki.
Dates: 9-10th March 2018.
Participation fee: €15

This is what I have booked. Some people are flying on the 1400 return on Sunday.
Fri 08/03/18 Finnair 1332. London (LHR) 10:20 – Helsinki (HEL) 15:15
Sun 11/03/18 Finnair 1339. Helsinki (HEL) 19:30 – London (LHR) 20:40

In several ‘Airbnb’s near Kallio in the city centre. Message for information.

Individual inscription to be completed by 25/02/2018:

Below is some further information from the Finnish Federation:
Thursday 8.3.2018 – Savate Club Sörnäinen, before the seminar
Friday 9.3.2018 – Savate Club Konala, before the competition 9.00–10.00

The Open competition consists of friendly assauts and is open for male and female juniors, seniors and veterans with any level of experience and all weight categories. In the Open competition, no weight category winners will be nominated.

Mika Kalliomaa Challenge.
The Challenge is named after one of the great pioneers of Finnish Savate, Mika Kalliomaa, who sadly was taken away from us far too early. The Challenge will be organised in selected weight categories for both women and men. Elimination: Friday 9.3. and Saturday 10.3. Finals: Saturday 10.3. The weight categories are:
56–60 kg
60–70 kg
70–75 kg
75–80 kg
The challenge tournament will be organised according to the FISav rules of international competition. For detailed rules, see the separate document:

To participate on the London Savate team, please fill in the following:

Your Name.

Your Email.


Your fighting weight in kg.

Your age in years.

Doping statement.
- Athletes who compete in national or international Savate events may have their urine and/or blood tested any time, at any location, without advance notice.
- You may need to apply for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) for certain medications.
- It is your responsibility to read more, including the list of prohibited substances, at

I understand the doping statements above.

I believe I am medically fit to participate, and have consulted a doctor over any doubts.

I have an EHIC (travel in Europe)I have equivalent insuranceI have neither
(Apply for one at:

Emergency contact info (name and number).

Accommodation plans.
Please give the outline or specifics of your accommodation plans.

Travel plans.
Please give the outline or specifics of your travel plans.

You will need:
- Gloves, Boots, Shin guards, Gum shield, Groin guard, Chest guard (females), Savate trousers or similar (no shorts), a tight fighting top.
I will have all of the above equipment in suitable condition.

Preparation statement.
I aim to complete 7-8 weeks preparation for this event and will free up suitable time.
I will come to at least one class per week during this preparation period and message if I cannot make it.
I would like assistance in creating a personalised training plan. (optional).

Value statement:
I aim to improve upon the values that make me a good athlete, teammate, and guest.

Please review all of the above before submitting. You will get an email confirming everything above.

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