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The elegant art of Savate kick boxing

‘French Boxing is a deep science that requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility and strength. ‘A fight with no other weapons than natural weapons where you cannot be taken by surprise.’

Théophile GAUTIER

What is Savate?

Savate is an effective French kickboxing sport with a reputation for accuracy and elegance. Dating from the 1800s, Savate is now a modern ring fighting sport practised by men and women around the world. Touch, don’t get touched. Win by invention, effort, and tactics.

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Yes. Savate training offers a great fitness workout, a way to manage weight and improve flexibility. London Savate classes will improve your range of motion, your cardio capacity, and muscular strength. Our fighter conditioning programmes prepare you for club, national, and international level competition. You do not need to be fit to start with – it is our job to get you there.

Savate is an effective fighting system with self-defence applications. We teach it as a sport.  Training will develop self-confidence and awareness,; we don’t advise using our kicks outside the ring.

It is a French word meaning an old boot or shoe. The boot becomes the primary weapon when you box in Savate.

Savate traces its history back to the 1800s. At the time a Southern French slipper fighting form known as Chausson or jeu marseillais practised high kicking. Savate was the name of the northern French street fighting style….  Read more about Savate

Yes and no. Savate is arguably a type of kickboxing: it uses kicks and punches, it is competitive sport, and it trains fitness and flexibility. Savate uses shoes, however, whereas other kickboxing styles usually are barefoot. Savate is also older than, say, American-style kickboxing which originated from Japanese kicking plus boxing in the 1970s, yet Savate was codified in the 1830s. We think Savate is more fluid and elegant than a lot of similar styles, so come and give it a go if you are interested.

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