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The elegant art of Savate kick boxing

‘French Boxing is a deep science that requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility and strength. ‘A fight with no other weapons than natural weapons where you cannot be taken by surprise.’

— Théophile GAUTIER

What is Savate?

Savate is French kickboxing sport with a unique feature called Assaut. It makes sparring a game. No heavy contact. More like high speed kick boxing chess. Touch, don’t get touched. Win by invention, effort, and tactics. The aim is not of damage, but of control.

Is Savate good for fitness?

Savate training offers a great fitness workout, a way to manage weight and improve flexibility. London Savate classes will improve your range of motion, your cardio capacity, and muscular strength. Our fighter conditioning programmes prepare you for club, national, and international level competition. You do NOT need to be fit or young to join us. It is our job to get you fit.

Can I use Savate for self-defence?

Savate is an effective fighting system with self-defence applications, but it is taught and practised as a ring sport.  It will teach you self-confidence and awareness, but we don’t advise using our kicks outside the ring.

Train with the best.

Our coaches are experts in their game. All our instructors are current international medallists. We have coached hundreds of novices just like you to be a fighter. We’ll be watching your back if you step into the ring someday.

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London Covid Restrictions Latest

23 Feb 2021: the UK Government has published a roadmap out of lockdown and the earliest date by which contact sports might be permitted is 21 June. We will offer in-person training in line with the regulations when possible. Consult news pages for latest and continue to train with us online.

Recent World Academy online Savate classes

Triple Kicks01 Mar 202152 mins. Training for one of the most unique aspects of Savate – kicking without …53Lessonskicking
Punches ‘n’ Crunches 20min workout22 Feb 2021Work your arms, abs, and legs with this intense 20min workout based on boxing form …24Lessons, Workoutsboxing
5-Strike Combinations15 Feb 202143 minute video. Flow into these longer combinations of kicks and punches and use them …43Lessonscombinations
Red Glove Focus Drills08 Feb 2021My top selection from the Savate Red Glove training syllabus – evade and counter your …44Lessonsfootwork, grading
Step and Punch: 10 boxing footwork drills01 Feb 202110 drills / 20 minutes training to improve your boxing game. To box well with …24Lessons, Workoutsboxing, footwork
Counterattack the Coach25 Jan 202148 min. Learn some effective Savate counterattacks and test your reactions and read an opponent …48Lessons, Online Academydefences
21-Piece Technical Workout18 Jan 202125 minutes. Get a workout using the kicks, punches, steps, and defences of Savate. 20 …25Lessons, Workoutscombinations
3 Smart Blue Glove Moves11 Jan 202139 minutes. Effective ways to touch and not get touched in reply. Distance, angles, and …39Lessonsgrading
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the ‘Sea’04 Jan 202139 minutes. Learn a scoring combination that works from distance and watch it in action …39Lessonscombinations, kicking
World Academy 100-kick workout28 Dec 2020Here it is. Our popular and easy-to-follow 100 kick workout. A short 27 minute training …27Lessons, Workoutsbeginners, kicking
9 Round Shadowboxing Workout21 Dec 202035 minute workout which you can adapt to your level. We go through the building …35Lessons, Workoutsshadowboxing
20 Minutes of Footwork (Leg Strength) Drills14 Dec 2020Get stronger legs and faster feet. A great Savate footwork leg workout comprising 20 separate …29Lessons, Workoutsfootwork
3 Set-ups in Savate07 Dec 202050 minute lesson. Can you tell the difference between a set-up and a scoring strike? …50Lessonstactics
Balayage Combination ‘Stirring the Coffee’30 Nov 202040 minute lesson. Learn an effective Savate combination taken from a real fight. Includes movement …40Lessonscombinations, kicking
Hitting the High Notes – Savate Kick Flexibility06 Nov 2020Kick higher! Our 4-week course for building flexibility, leg strength, and high kicks. 12 videos …Coursesflexibility, kicking
Sofa to Savate | Fitness Test26 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …Workouts
Sofa to Savate | Touch – Don’t Get Touched19 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …41Lessonsbeginners, defences
Sofa to Savate | Kicking up to Waist Height12 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …23Lessonsflexibility, kicking
Sofa to Savate | Discovering Boxing for Savate12 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …31Lessonsbeginners, boxing
Sofa to Savate | 5 Golden Rules of Savate05 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …5Talksbeginners, tactics
Sofa to Savate | Don’t Get Touched – Principles of Organisation05 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …28Lessonsbeginners, defences
Sofa to Savate | Introducing Savate01 Oct 2020Sofa to Savate is great if you are looking to start the elegant and effective …6Talksbeginners
Leaving Axis with Débordement28 Sep 202053 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to out-flank your opponent using Savate footwork …53Lessonsfootwork
Décalage and Débordement in Action24 Sep 2020Can you tell your décalage from your débordement and change line effectively on an opponent? …10Analysisfootwork
Advancing and Retreating21 Sep 20209 minute training clip. Make your forward and backwards movement work for you. Training advice, …9Technical Clipsfootwork
Making Angles: Stepping with Décalage.14 Sep 202044 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to shift your line to beat an …44Lessonsfootwork
Footwork in action10 Sep 2020Take your footwork further. Expert analysis of Savate fights illustrating principles of good footwork on …9Analysisfootwork, tactics
What to do with your feet:07 Sep 2020Bouncing. Maintaining lead. Circling. Moving from centre of gravity. Taking small steps. use footwork for …10Technical Clipsbeginners, footwork
Common Escapes31 Aug 2020Aims To go through 3 methods of escape using footwork – which is common in …47Lessonsbeginners, defences
Common Defences24 Aug 2020Aims To go through 3 common defences (to head, body, leg) and make them as …43Lessonsbeginners, defences
Chassé Fundamentals20 Aug 2020Aims To introduce the Chassé kick, put it into different attacks, and strengthen the muscles …45Lessonsbeginners, kicking
Fight Analysis Workout: Multiple Kicks17 Aug 2020Watch multiple Savate kicks being used effectively in the ring. Talk-along fight analysis PLUS workout.6Analysiskicking, tactics
Using hooks13 Aug 2020Aims To improve how and why we use the hook punch (crochet). Contents Warm-up. 1. …45Lessonsboxing
Décalage + kick11 Aug 2020Aims To find new angles for kicks using décalage and have a good leg workout. …43Lessonskicking
Revers Combinations10 Aug 2020Aims To have a good workout improving how we use the revers kick in a …43Lessonscombinations, kicking
Foot Placement06 Aug 2020Aims To investigate best foot placement for certain strikes and movements. Contents Warm-up. 1. Conventional. …44Lessonsbeginners, footwork
Chassé Frontal04 Aug 2020Aims To explore and get better at using chassé frontal. Contents Warm-up. 1. End with …43Lessonskicking
Hill Sprints04 Aug 2020Workoutscardio
Débordement + Punch03 Aug 2020Aims To move and punch better; to explore the sequence: débordement + punch, using 3 …43Lessonsboxing, footwork
Doubles30 Jul 2020Aims To add some double strikes in order to increase volume, score points, and double …43Lessonscombinations
Parade bloquée28 Jul 2020Aims To get more familiar with the form and uses of parade bloquée (block) Contents …44Lessonsdefences
Slipping Punches27 Jul 2020Aims To add a few slips into our boxing escapes; to use slips in Blue, …42Lessonsboxing, defences
Punches ‘n’ Crunches27 Jul 2020Workoutsabdominals, boxing
Attack Variety23 Jul 2020Aims To add some variety – height, segment, and trajectory – to our attacks.44Lessonstactics
Turning kicks21 Jul 2020Aims To improve our technical basis for doing turning or spinning Savate kicks. Contents Warm-up. …44Lessonskicking
Dynamic / Explosive Bodyweight Workout21 Jul 2020Workouts
Obliques Workout21 Jul 2020Workoutsabdominals
Step and punch20 Jul 2020Aims To improve our motion forwards while punching. Contents Warm-up. Direct. Uppercut/hook. With débordement Freestyle. …45Lessonsboxing, footwork
Red Glove Combinations16 Jul 2020Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Red Glove combinations and to create a …46Lessonsgrading
Time Under Tension Workout16 Jul 2020Workouts
Green Glove Combinations14 Jul 2020Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Green Glove combinations and to create a …45Lessonsgrading
Blue Glove Combinations13 Jul 2020Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Blue Glove combinations and to create a …44Lessonsgrading
Low kicks09 Jul 2020Aims To offer 3 different uses for low kicks. Contents Warm-up. Part 1: Fouetté bas. …47Lessonskicking
Lateral Movement07 Jul 2020Aims To reinforce our lateral movement by practising it within combinations. Contents Warm-up. Part 1: …44Lessonsfootwork
Head Movement06 Jul 2020Aims To introduce some head movement fundamentals and explore how to use them in Savate …47Lessonsdefences
Grading Practice02 Jul 2020Aims To familiarise ourselves with the Savate grading syllabus themes and structure. To cover what …16Talksgrading
Chassé Combinations30 Jun 2020Aim To practise some combinations using chassé so as to improve how we use it …40Lessonscombinations, kicking
Fight Analysis 10129 Jun 2020Aim To introduce a few fight analysis ideas and explore how we might think as …28Talkstactics
Feinting25 Jun 2020Aim To practise and reinforce some of the main ways of feinting, thinking about how …45Lessonstactics
Pied-Poing23 Jun 2020Technique 46 mins | Warm-up | Avant – Avant | Avant – Arrière | Arrière …46Lessonscombinations
Croisé22 Jun 2020Technique 48 mins | Warm-up | Chassé croisé | Revers croisé | Fouetté croisé | …48Lessonsfootwork
Chassé d’Arrêt18 Jun 2020Technique 48 mins | Warm-up | Chassé frontal | Chassé lateral | Chassé bas | …48Lessonsdefences, kicking
Poing-Pied16 Jun 2020Technique 46 mins | Warm-up | Direct to Fouetté | Weight forward + Chassé arrière …46Lessonscombinations
6 rounds muscle engagement16 Jun 2020Workouts
1s and 3s15 Jun 2020Technique 45 mins | Warm-up | Jab setups | Fouetté setups | Revers setups | …45Lessonscombinations
Tactical Imagery15 Jun 2020Mental Imagery is a widely used tool for improving sports performance. Generally it is defined …Documentstactics
Higher Kicks11 Jun 2020Technique 45 mins | Warm-up | High fouetté | High revers lateral | High frontal …45Lessonskicking
Boxing Combinations09 Jun 2020Technique 45 mins | Warm-up | Double jab cross | Hook cross hook | Uppercut …45Lessonsboxing, combinations
Plank climber workout09 Jun 2020Workouts
In-Line Escapes08 Jun 2020Technique 43 mins | Warm-up | Move both feet | Move front foot | Move …43Lessonsdefences
Débordement Inside-Outside04 Jun 2020Technique 47 mins | Warm-up | Poing-pied | Pied-poing | Pied-pied | Fitness and revision …47Lessonsfootwork
Fouetté02 Jun 2020Technique 43 mins | Warm-up | Fouetté + direct| Fouetté + hook/upper | Fouetté + …43Lessonskicking
Parade Chassé01 Jun 2020Technique 48 mins | Warm-up + kick practice | Parade chassé sur poing | Parade …48Lessonsdefences
Lateral / Frontal28 May 2020Technique 51 mins | Longer warm-up with kicks | Blue Glove Direct + chassé combination …51Lessonskicking
Changing Angles26 May 2020Technique 39 mins | Directs + change angle | Chassé + change angle | Turning …39Lessonsfootwork
Directs25 May 2020Technique 43 mins | 4 Direct principles | Direct and crochet | Direct and fouetté …43Lessonsboxing
1000 reps22 May 2020Workouts
Intro to Silver Glove21 May 2020Technique 41 mins | Silver Glove Intro| Footwork Warm-up | Punch Combination | Kick-Punch Combination …41Lessonsgrading
Front-Loaded shadowboxing21 May 2020Workoutsshadowboxing
Yellow Glove19 May 2020Technique 40 mins | Yellow Glove principles | Feint Combination 1 | Feint Combination 2 …40Lessonsgrading
White Glove18 May 2020Technique 40 mins | White Glove principles | Warm-up and kick preparation | Anticipation technique …40Lessonsgrading
Red Glove14 May 2020Technique 43 mins | Red Glove principles | Warm-up and muscle activation | Dec / …43Lessonsgrading
Green Glove12 May 2020Technique 43 mins | Green Glove principles | Muscle relaxation | Warm-up | Simple techniques …43Lessonsgrading
Blue Glove11 May 2020Technique 39 mins | Blue Glove principles | Warm-up | Simple techniques | Combinations | …39Lessonsgrading
Workout – kick control10 May 20207Workoutsflexibility, kicking
Dec et Deb07 May 2020Décalage et Débordement Technique 42 mins | Footwork warm-up | Squat warm-up | Dec punch …42Lessonsfootwork
Jab05 May 2020Technique 41 mins | Warm-up | Punch/kick warm-up | 6 jab rounds | 6 more …41Lessonsboxing
Mountain Climber Workout05 May 2020Workouts
Unpredictability04 May 2020Technique 47 mins | Unpredictable Movement x 3 rounds | Strikes x 3 rounds | …47Lessonstactics
Grading Themes03 May 2020Savate gradings run through a clever understanding of the different phases of a fight.Documentsgrading
Short Explainer – Revers02 May 2020Revers – reverse kick. A brief introduction. See also the full class with this kick …2Technical Clips
Short Explainer – Coup de Pied Bas02 May 2020Coup de pied bas – low kick, or sweep (balayage). A brief introduction. See also …1Technical Clipsbeginners
Short Explainer – Chassé02 May 2020Chassé – ‘push’ kick. A brief introduction. See also the full class with this kick …2Technical Clipsbeginners
Short Explainer – Fouetté02 May 2020Fouetté – whip kick. A brief introduction.2Technical Clipsbeginners
Savate Grading Syllabus (GB)01 May 2020* This syllabus is that used by Great Britain Savate Federation (GBSF).Documentsgrading
Deck of cards workout01 May 2020Workouts
Forwards/Backwards30 Apr 2020Technique 28 mins | Forward/back footwork | Striking when changing direction | Punching forward/back | …28Lessonsfootwork
Workout – calves30 Apr 2020Workouts
Coup de Pied Bas28 Apr 2020Technique 37 mins | Coup de Pied bas / Balayage technique | Blue, Green, and …37Lessonskicking
Isometric Stretching28 Apr 2020Workoutsflexibility
Rhythm27 Apr 2020Technique 45 mins | Footwork Rhythm | Punching rhythm | 3-strike rhythms | 4-strike rhythms …45Lessonscombinations
Abs/Oblique workout27 Apr 2020Workoutsabdominals
Shoulder burn workout27 Apr 2020Workouts
Circular Attacks23 Apr 2020Technique 36 mins | circular footwork | step punch | step kick | turn and …36Lessonsfootwork
Plank workouts23 Apr 2020Workouts
Bodyweight exercises22 Apr 2020Exercises
Shadowboxing22 Apr 2020Shadowboxing is one of the best ways to prepare your style, build strength, correct weaknesses, …Exercises
Uppercut21 Apr 2020Technique 26 mins | Footwork | Uppercut technique | Blue, Green, Red Uppercut | Freestyle …26Lessonsboxing
100 Squat Workout20 Apr 2020Workouts
Long-Short Shadowboxing20 Apr 2020Workoutsshadowboxing
Uppercut Tabata20 Apr 2020Workoutsboxing, cardio
Revers20 Apr 2020Technique 37 mins | Revers Frontal | Revers Lateral | Disturbing Guard | Revers tournant …37Lessonskicking
6-week cardio improvement plan20 Apr 2020Purpose. To increase cardio endurance and fight-specific capacity over 6 weeks using running, jogging, and …Fitness Plans
Cardio Burst17 Apr 2020Workouts
Punctuated Shadowboxing17 Apr 2020Workoutsshadowboxing
Bodyweight Dynamic/Static17 Apr 2020Workouts
Answered: how do I breathe properly when boxing?17 Apr 2020Member question: ‘How do I breathe properly when boxing?’ Answer:2Technical Clipstactics
Running16 Apr 2020Running outside is a great way to increase your endurance, cardio capacity, breathing rhythm, and …Exercises
Escapes16 Apr 2020Escapes – 16th April 2020. 39 mins | Blue: Punch/Kick + Escape | Green: Escape …39Lessonsdefences
Intervals14 Apr 2020Intervals – 14th April 2020. 55 mins | Interval footwork | Interval punching | Interval …55Lessonscombinations
Double Kicks13 Apr 2020Double Kicks – 13th April 2020. 45 mins | Double kicks | Changing heights | …45Lessonskicking
Answered: how do I throw a power punch when moving?10 Apr 2020Member question: ‘How do I throw a power punch when moving in Savate?’ Answer:2Technical Clipsboxing
Débordement09 Apr 2020Débordement (out-flanking) – 9th April 2020. 40 mins | Débordement + punch | Débordement + …40Lessonsfootwork
Answered: how do I improve my shadowboxing?08 Apr 2020Member question: ‘How do I improve my shadowboxing during lockdown?’3Technical Clipsshadowboxing
Crochet07 Apr 2020Crochet (hook) – 7th April 2020. 37 mins | Hook technique | Straight and curved …37Lessonsboxing
Answered: Pivot vs Débordement07 Apr 2020Member question: ‘What is the difference between a boxers’ pivot and débordement in Savate?’ Answer:1Technical Clipsfootwork
Chassé06 Apr 2020Chassé – 6th April 2020. 40 mins | Chassé stretch | Combinations | Defend Chassé …40Lessonskicking
Decalage02 Apr 2020Décalage (making a gap) – 2nd April 2020. 42 mins | Décalage footwork explained | …42Lessonsfootwork
Savate Terminology02 Apr 2020Savate Literally an old shoe or boot.Documentsbeginners
Your first Savate class01 Apr 2020Technique 28 mins | Stance | Punching | Fouetté kick technique | Combinations | Freestyle …28Lessonsbeginners
Boxing for Savate31 Mar 2020English Boxing for Savate – Tuesday 31st March 2020. 42 mins | Bodyweight positioning | …42Lessonsboxing
Variety30 Mar 2020Add variety to your combos, footwork, and attacks – Monday 30th March 2020. 32 mins …32Lessonstactics
Parades26 Mar 2020Yes, you can practise Parades (blocks) on your own. I’ll show you how – Thursday …46Lessonsdefences
Savate Combinations24 Mar 2020Combinations (enchainements). Punch-kick combinations to practise flow and efficiency of movement – Tuesday 24th March …35Lessonscombinations
Multiple Kicks23 Mar 2020Multiple kicks are a staple of good Savate. Especially in Assaut. – Filmed live outdoors …41Lessonskicking
Angles19 Mar 2020Starting an attack on one angle, finishing on another. – Filmed live Thursday 19th March …39Lessonsfootwork
Training Safely Online17 Mar 2020When training online, safety is your lookout. Before and during each training session, run a …Online Academy
Fighter prep: 8-10 week plan04 Dec 2019Overview. This plan describes an 8-10 week training camp. The principles could be used to …Fitness Plans