Elegant Combat

"French Boxing is a deep science that requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility and strength. A fight with no other weapons than natural weapons where you cannot be taken by surprise." Théophile GAUTIER

London Savate - Elegant Combat

London Savate training goes virtual until further notice . Follow us online to keep in shape, ready to resume when it is possible.
Boxe-Française Savate is an elegant kickboxing sport from France. Club training near London Bridge, Bermondsey SE1. Our Savate classes cover technical kick boxing, using angles, precision, and movement to outwit your opponent. Savate for beginners offers a great fitness workout, a way to manage weight, improve flexibility and co-ordination. You will also increase awareness, self-control under pressure, and get to know yourself better. It is accurate, graceful, efficient, and great fun. You'll meet loads of new friends: they'll be the ones watching your back if you step into the ring someday.


Beormund Centre, 177 Abbey Street, SE1 2AN. Corner of Abbey Street and Druid Street. Close to London Bridge or Bermondsey tube stations.

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