London Savate

The elegant art of Savate kick boxing

‘French Boxing is a deep science that requires a lot of composure, calculation, agility and strength. ‘A fight with no other weapons than natural weapons where you cannot be taken by surprise.’

Théophile GAUTIER

What is Savate?

Savate is French kickboxing sport with a unique feature called Assaut. It makes sparring a game. No heavy contact. More like high speed kick boxing chess. Touch, don’t get touched. Win by invention, effort, and tactics. The aim is not of damage, but of control.

Is Savate good for fitness?

Savate training offers a great fitness workout, a way to manage weight and improve flexibility. London Savate classes will improve your range of motion, your cardio capacity, and muscular strength. Our fighter conditioning programmes prepare you for club, national, and international level competition. You do NOT need to be fit or young to join us. It is our job to get you fit.

Can I use Savate for self-defence?

Savate is an effective fighting system with self-defence applications, but it is taught and practised as a ring sport.  It will teach you self-confidence and awareness, but we don’t advise using our kicks outside the ring.

Train with the best.

Our coaches are experts in their game. All our instructors are current international medallists. We have coached hundreds of novices just like you to be a fighter. We’ll be watching your back if you step into the ring someday.

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