• Classes suspended.

    London Savate training goes virtual until further notice . Follow us online to keep in shape, ready to resume when it is possible.
  • Safety Notice.

    Safety when training alone. Classes normally take place in the presence of someone experienced at maintaining safety. Online, this is your responsibility. Check that you are physically well enough to train. Stop if you feel unwell. Take a look around and remove any hazards or obstacles. Ensure the space is large enough to move around in. Have someone to contact if you need.

2020-03-18: London Savate training goes virtual until further notice.

Owing to the shutdown of schools, social distancing recommendations, and the likelihood of a London lock-down by the weekend, I have taken the decision to suspend London Savate classes in Beormund, effective immediately.

Meanwhile I hope you can stay safe, healthy, care for your loved ones, and that your occupation permits a measure of security. I also hope we can discover new communities online and create new bonds. We are in this together, even if we must be apart for a while.

Alternative training.
A long sports career has taught me that when you cannot train as normal, to do what you can.
– Online. I will run Zoom/Youtube/Instagram Savate training at lesson times and post discussion videos and psychology ideas. Message me or subscribe to my channels and London Savate social media.
– Whatsapp. Keep in touch with your teammates in our Whatsapp group. Message me to be added.
– Solo training. Parks and running routes are your friends. I can offer workout planning if you wish.
– Come running with me in Epping Forest. DM me. 🙂
– Shadowboxing. You can improve fighting technique on your own. Send me shadowboxing video clips over whatsapp and I will offer tips.
– Read. There are a plethora of books that can aid your training. I will write a blog post and can send you personal recommendations if you ask.
– Introspect. What proportion of Savate do you suppose is mental, or can be improved by examining your beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts? I will post some ideas to explore.
– Personal training. In an appropriate venue or outdoor space, for those who are healthy and who do not have contact with vulnerable people (conditions will be discussed when arranging), we can train 1-to-1.

I intend to keep your spirits up and your sporting development going using the above means. I hope you will keep your London Savate membership running and me as your (virtual) coach, so you have a club and coach to come back to after things return to normal.

(Pay-as-you-go bundle expiry dates will be pushed back for as long as we are unable to run physical classes. A fair system will be adapted for using them before then.
NB As of Wednesday night our website is still down and is being upgraded to a new server. We should be up again by Thursday).

I learn that the British Savate Championships in July have been postponed, as well as the youth championships in Northern Ireland this month, and all international events until at least until the end of the summer. I have cancelled the London grading scheduled for 19th April also, as the hall has shut.

This is your chance.
Remember, every setback is an opportunity to learn something new and to demonstrate depth of character.

At your service,


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