About Us

We help people discover what they are capable of.

The London Savate club was founded in 2004 by James Southwood. It is one of the largest Savate clubs in the country with a worldwide reputation. We train in central London. Our students include multiple British Champions, one European Champion (2007), one World Champion (2014).

Values of Savate.

  • Savate is Aesthetic, Effective, Ethical & Educational.
  • Safety. Classes are taught to high safety standards. Techniques never seek to damage yourself or anyone else. We value long sporting careers.
  • Educational. Students and coaches alike learn each time we train. We gain experience and knowledge through our sporting progress.
  • Fairness. To ‘compete’ literally means ‘to seek together’ and in a competitive sport we treat the fighters, rules, officials, and coaches we meet with respect.
  • Courage. Sport offers an opportunity to display courage, both to accept what is difficult to accept, and to try your hardest.
  • Friendship. We practise an individual sport as a way to bring people together, to make friendships, and to be part of a team.



  • One of the biggest Savate clubs in UK
  • 1 x World Champion 2014.
  • 1 x European Champion 2007.
  • Multiple British champions.
  • Trainer of international fighters and medallists.
  • We run an International Savate Open in central London each year.
  • It is an achievement every time a member comes back and decides to commit to learning, training, and developing with us. In that sense, we have many thousands of achievements every year.

In 2020 we launched the London Savate World Academy to deliver world-class online Savate training to members. Learn more….


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