7 ways women can benefit from Savate kick boxing

Savate is a type of French kick boxing using touch contact and longer, more elegant kicks.

How women can benefit from Savate classes and workouts

1. Savate offers a total body workout

A typical class will train your legs, abs, back, arms, and everything else. From doing tough footwork drills, to kicking on the ballet barre, punching pads, doing an ab set, or burpees to finish every round, a Savate class does it all.

2. Tone muscles

Bodyweight exercise tones muscles without building size. Savate trains fighters to control bodyweight (often on one leg or while moving quickly) which is perfect for developing a trim physique without building large muscle mass.

3. Touch contact

In what is called ‘assaut’ Savate the strikes must be done with power excluded. Great if you want all the excitement of boxing without the heavy contact or turning up to work with a black eye.

4. Flexibility is key

Women typically have greater range of motion in the hips and this means women can possibly learn our kicks faster or more easily than men.

5. Helps stay healthy

Kickboxing classes can burn up to 500 calories an hour. As part of a healthy lifestyle this can contribute to weight management and promotes heart health.

6. Feel good

Savate techniques are aesthetically pleasing and can feel good. Moving around with an awareness of your body can be greatly beneficial in a number of ways and Savate can help you do this without damaging yourself. Training like this can be a great way to forget about daily life for a few hours.

7. Train with others

Rather than train alone in a gym, on the treadmill, on the bike, or weights rack, come and box with other people, meet new friends who will motivate you and make your workouts more fun.

“At Savate you have he opportunity to spend less time in your head and more time in your body as you begin to learn and understand the techniques and combination drills of each class. Practicing Savate helps build confidence in yourself and your abilities as you develop and progress in each session” – current female student.

Savate class padwork with Ally female fighter

Read how about writer Ally Sinyard found our Savate classes (Guardian.com)

Watch a female Savate sparring video

Two women sparring in Savate kick boxing
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