The Champion’s Strike | Winning matches in Savate

The champion’s strike is a concise idea about winning matches in Savate Assaut.

My corner spoke.
“Yes, you are winning, but show me you are the CHAMPION!”
He gestured the technique he wanted me to apply. A spin, jump, or high kick on the break.
“Now, GO!”
I did what I was asked as best I could. I won the third round, and the fight.

From this advice, given to me by a former European champion, I adapted the following ideas:
(1) If you score some points in an exchange, you are in the fight;
(2) If you finish the exchange and have the last word, likely you are winning;
(3) If you make that last word a special one – a spin, high kick, or technical flourish – you are being the champion.

Attack first, or successfully interrupt your opponent to achieve level 1. Ensure you answer everything thrown at you – no mean feat – to take level 2 and be the winner. But always try to be the champion. Finish with a flourish. Keep a spin, a head kick, or similar ready and apply it often. Make the job of the judges easy. Show them who the champion is.

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