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The Champion’s Strike.

A concise idea about winning matches in Savate Assaut. — My corner spoke. “Yes, you are winning, but show me you are the CHAMPION!” He gestured the technique he wanted me to apply. A spin, jump, or high kick on the break. “Now, GO!” I did what I was asked…

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Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Interview #382 – James Southwood

London Savate coach James Southwood recently completed an interview with Jeremy Lesniak at Whistlekick Martial Arts radio. It goes into detail about James’s boxing career, the philosophy of martial arts, and coaching, You can listen to the whole episode below. It was a highly enjoyable conversation – thanks Jeremy for…

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In Praise of Agility

Fighting is often regarded as a battle of strength. From the Colosseum to the octagon, the stronger fighter, replete with muscular force and physical fortitude, fulfils the public definition of a warrior and is seen to have the potential to vanquish all weaker opponents. This thesis would be all but…

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Limit options: maximise chances

Limitations. A common way to prepare a fighter is to try to ensure they can do everything – defences, advances, attacks, fitness, mindset, low, middle and high strikes. Cover every strategy, every possible opponent, every movement. This way, they are ready for anything. Whilst it seems natural as a teacher…

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Learning to spar: 5 stages on the way.

To be successful when learning to spar an athlete must navigate simultaneously the personal and physical dimensions. Alongside every increment in technical ability, an equal gain must be made in temperament, emotional awareness or self understanding. Failing to heed this will result in technique without internal control – which is…

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