How to start Savate (during a pandemic).

How do you start learning a combat sport such as Savate during the covid crisis if you cannot train in a group? To begin training Savate online, all you need is some safe space (indoors or outdoors), internet access, a few fitness pointers, and some technical coaching. We have the…

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Savate Fight | European Assaut Final 2019

Recent Savate fight. Here is my final from last year’s European Savate Assaut Championships in Cogoleto, Italy.

See what you can observe going on in the tactics and push-and-pull of the fight as it progresses. The final result is 3-2 split with the judges, so it stands to reason that you should see exchanges, rounds, or techniques in favour of either fighter.

It is the 4th time I have met Loic, our fight series stands 3-1 to him.

Here are the results of the 2019 championships (European Savate Federation, external link). You can see London Savate instructor George Bushaway in the medal table as well.


In Praise of Agility | Poetry in Motion

Agility in Savate. Fighting is often regarded as a battle of strength. From the Colosseum to the octagon, a strong fighter fulfils the public vision of a warrior. This vision would be all but self-evident if it were not the case that in the unfolding of a competitive fight, it…

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Set Moves Fighting | Limit Options Maximise Chances

Using limitations. A common way to coach a fighter is to try to ensure they can do everything – defences, advances, attacks, fitness, mindset, low, middle and high strikes. Cover every strategy, every possible opponent, every movement. This way, they are ready for anything. Whilst it seems natural as a…

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Learning to spar | 5 stages on the way.

To be successful when learning to spar an athlete must master simultaneously the personal and physical aspects. Alongside every increment in technical ability, an equal gain must be made in temperament, emotional awareness or self understanding. Failing to heed this will result in technique without internal control, which is to…

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