SAVATE Training

To improve your composure, agility, flexibility, and strength. Learn an elegant fighting style. For men and women ages 14 +

Train smart

We practise Assaut Savate, which excludes force from strikes in training and competition. This means you can train, spar, and compete without full-contact blows. That said, all contact sports carry risks, but we aim to reduce them as much as possible.

What to expect:

Classes always begin with a friendly greeting then a group salute. We then loosen-out and warm-up, with movement drills, exercises, or by playing a few fun touch-don’t-get-touched games to sharpen awarness and get you ready. Kicks or padwork come next to polish technique and build body mechanics. Then touch-contact drills between you and a partner to practise core Savate sequences and reactions. We sum it all up with some themed training situations, then Assaut (sparring) for some, pads and mirror training for others. We end with conditioning, interval training, muscle development, or longer stretches, before cooling down and ending as we began: with a group salute.

What to bring:

For your first class:

  • Boots. Clean indoor sport shoes. See what we recommend. Trainers or sports sports shoes are fine for first class if they are not jagged and have been cleaned. (Please don’t walk here in them).
  • Well-fitted gym clothing: avoiding zips where possible. Sports bra recommended for women.
  • Water bottle for hydration.

And if you can:

  • Boxing gloves and wraps (we have some you can borrow)
  • Gum shield for touch-contact training.
  • Groin guard needed if you are sparring.

Make new friends

Kick them in the head.

Training fees:

  • Pay per class. £10-£14
  • Monthly. From £45/month

Beginners always welcome