Savate Classes

A supportive learning environment.

Our Savate classes are designed to help you progress:

  • Welcome. A warm-up to prepare your joints, muscles, and mind.
  • Technical refinement. An instructor demonstrates boxing, kicking, footwork, defence and invites you to polish your technique.
  • Partnered work. You and your partner co-operate to improve each other’s understanding.
  • Tactics and experimentation. Time for you to develop and apply what you have learnt.
  • Instructor one-on-one. Instructors will try to find time to work with you individually on the pads. A great opportunity to take away a few pointers.
  • Go deep: conditioning. Savate is a high speed sport; classes will test and improve your fitness. Skipping, squats, circuits, interval training, or high intensity exercises. You do NOT need to be fit to start. Our classes build you up.
  • Creative free-play. Controlled sparring. When you are ready you will be matched with the right partner and supervised. No one will try and hurt you. Before long you will look forward to this part the most.
  • Reflection. A cooldown and a chance to reflect on the class and bring the body systems back down safely.

Savate class boxingpadwork with Ally female fighter


– Savate class timetable to be confirmed after Covid-19 reopening.

Training requirements.

  • NB Minimum age 18. Sorry, we don’t have a kids class yet.
  • Medical fitness to train. We want to ensure everyone in our club is safe and well enough to train, so we ask for a medical form to be completed before you start.

What do I need to bring?

  • Indoor sports shoes. NO bare feet or outdoor shoes. Please read our page on Savate boots before starting. Savate is a shoe fighting sport and safe, appropriate footwear is important.
  • Sports clothing. T-shirt and tracksuit are fine.
  • Water bottle.
  • Boxing gloves / wraps / gum shield. Not necessary before you start, however. You can borrow club gloves and buy a gum shield from us.

Want to join us?

Read our Covid-19 reopening updates.

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  • Covid-19 Notice. We are still not able to offer contact classes within government guidelines. We will reopen the moment it is safe, legal, and practical to do so. Consult news pages for latest or train with us online.