Events in 2017

Here is a list of events we are either hosting or hoping to attend in the first half of 2017. If you are interested, talk to James or George and we can get you registered, trained and ready.

This list will be edited and expanded as we learn of more great plans and destinations.

18th November,
Irish Savate Open,


5th-8th October,
European Assaut Championships 2017,

Loverval, Belgium.

22nd-25th June,
World Combat Eliminations,

Varazdin, Croatia.

17th June,

Reims, France.

10th June,
London Savate International Open 2017.

12th May,
Savate Viking Cup 2017.

Co. Mayo, Ireland.

6th May,
British Savate Assaut Championships 2017

22nd April,
GB Squad training in West London.

By invitation.

8th-11th March,
Helsinki Savate Open 2017.

4th March,
The First Northern Ireland Savate Open

Co Down

4th March,
London Savate GBSF Promotional Grading
– Blue/Green Glove.

25th February,
Oxford Allez! Training day with special guest instructors

28th-29th January,
V Budapest Savate Open.

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