• Classes suspended.

    London Savate training goes virtual until further notice . Follow us online to keep in shape, ready to resume when it is possible.

London Savate Fight Team.

London Savate frequently attends club level competitions. Apply to be on the team using this page.

Please read the following information carefully.

Team values.

  • London Savate has a great reputation across the world and we wish to select athletes who will improve upon it.
  • Use courage to train and fight to your best ability.
  • Show patience and acceptance of all results.
  • Act in the spirit of international cooperation.
  • Be a supportive teammate.

Medical stipulations.

  • Consult a doctor if in any doubt about your medical fitness to participate.
  • Fighters should hold insurance to ensure access to medical treatment in the jurisdiction of the event. eg a European health insurance card EHIC
  • Please supply an emergency contact number before we travel.

Doping statement.

  • Athletes who compete in national or international Savate events may have their urine and/or blood tested any time, at any location, without advance notice.
  • You may need to apply for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) for certain medications.
  • If in doubt, read more information and the prohibited list.

Minimum preparation.

  • Plan for minimum 7-8 weeks of preparation.
  • Attend class sparring at least once per week, and message if you cannot make a week.
  • Agree a personal training plan with an instructor.

Combat and Pre-Combat.

  • For higher risk Combat and Pre-Combat (full contact) bouts, greater preparation and checks will be made of fighters.
  • Fighters deemed unready may be withdrawn at short notice.
  • A medical certificate displaying fitness to fight is necessary.

Necessary equipment.

  • Gloves of correct weight.
  • Regulation Savate boots, or very similar.
  • Shin guards. (No more than 1cm thick, soft)
  • Gum shield.
  • Groin guard.
  • Chest guard (females).
  • Savate trousers or similar (no shorts, no zips).
  • London Savate fight top (your own or borrowed).
  • Tape for laces.
  • Small ring towel.
  • Regulation head guard (for pre-Combat).

Finance and travel.

  • Fighters are responsible for paying their own travel, accommodation, and entry costs.
  • Your instructor will make your registration for you. Please fill in the form below.


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