Our Instructors

Our Savate instructors are all highly skilled and experienced, and all are current international medallists. They are here to help you get into Savate, get fitter, or coach you towards your next grade or fight.

James Southwood

James Southwood is the founder of London Savate. He is ranked World #2, was the 2014 World Champion, a 4 x World/European Vice-Champion, and is Silver Glove under the Federation International de Savate.

George Bushaway

George Bushaway competes in Savate Assaut at European and World level. He is the 2019 European bronze medallist. George offers private and small group training in East London.

Jon Schwochert

Jon Schwochert represents the USA in international Savate, is current Heavyweight World Vice-Champion and a competitor in Combat – full contact Savate.