Savate is a French kick-punch sport (like kickboxing) using touch contact. It is taught as a game and as a discipline. It is aesthetic, effective, ethical, and educational.

Our coach James Southwood (2nd from right) receiving a gold Fair Play award from the International Savate Federation

In our Savate classes your child can:

  • Learn co-ordination.
  • Develop fitness.
  • Discover self-discipline.
  • Practise a unique sport.
  • & learn a few French words.

Savate Boxe Fran├žaise.

Savate class padwork with Ally female fighter
James Southwood mirror Savate kick
  • Savate is a controlled, disciplined, precise kick-boxing sport, developed since the 1830s in France and England.
  • Today Savate is a popular sport with men, women, and children competing around the world.
  • London Savate has been teaching students since 2004 under former World Champion, international coach James Southwood.
  • All of our classes are Assaut (no force/power) in which the game is touch tag: damage and heavy contact is forbidden.

Current junior classes:

14 years and over older teenagers can join the main class. See booking timetable

If you would like your child to be part of a junior Savate class, please get in touch to let us know your interest

We are registered with and licensed under the Great Britain Savate Federation (itself a part of the Federation Internationale de Savate) and the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association. All our instructors are insured, qualified, vetted, and have first aid training.