London Savate training goes virtual until further notice.


Owing to the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown measures in place, London Savate classes in Beormund are suspended. I hope you can stay safe, healthy, care for your loved ones, and that your occupation permits a measure of security. I also hope we can discover new communities online and create new bonds. We are in this together, even if we must be apart for a while.

Alternative training.
Please use our new Online Academy for your training, fitness, and Savate progression under lockdown.

I intend to keep your spirits up and your sporting development going using the above means. I hope you will keep your London Savate membership running and me as your (virtual) coach, so you have a club and coach to come back to after things return to normal. Pay-as-you-go bundle expiry dates will be pushed back for as long as we are unable to run physical classes. A fair system will be adapted for using them before then.

I learn that the British Savate Championships in July have been postponed, as well as the youth championships in Northern Ireland, and all international events until at least until the end of the summer.

This is your chance.
Remember, every setback is an opportunity to learn something new and to demonstrate depth of character.

At your service,