Contact training remains forbidden

For those asking why we haven’t reopened yet, this is the current England Boxing advice, which accords with our own understanding of government guidelines.

You may be seeing lots of clubs back to pads and sparring, but we don’t believe we can do that legally.

Pad work reminder
For the avoidance of doubt, no pad work is allowed. Clubs are reminded that pad work (including sticks) is not allowed, either indoors and outdoors, along with sparring and any kind of competitive boxing. A distance of 2m must be maintained at all times, unless from within a household.

Members from the same household are allowed to hold pads for each other, in which case they must explain to any fellow club members they are training with at the same session that this is the case.

These are government guidelines / regulations. Clubs who fail to adhere to this rule are not only breaking UK government law designed to contain Covid-19 transmission, and potentially invalidating their insurance so causing both club and individual liability exposure, but they are also putting at risk the health and safety of their own members and coaches, as well as their own families.

On top of this, it likely puts back the date when full competitive amateur boxing will be allowed to return

England Boxing, 2020/08/02