Covid-19 training update.

As we approach the end of another month of lockdown, I thought I would do my best to give you the status regarding resuming sports training.

I hope you are staying healthy and safe. Some of you are desperate to resume your sport and other activities you love. I understand that very well. The route back to training together will be a tough one, however, as contact sports will be among the last types of activity to resume. The answer to when we can restart is still a stiff unknown for now, I’m afraid.

It is perhaps wisest to concentrate on what remains up to us:

  • Explore the modes of training still open. Follow online videos, go running, lift weights or do yoga at home, for example. How do you imagine those who will emerge as the best athletes post-lockdown will have spent their time? Do that.
  • Develop resilience through passing these troubles with no dent to your ambition.
  • Depend on your patience to see you through the gap between now and the future when we can re-enter into our activities.
  • For my modest part, I am providing 3x lockdown Savate classes per week on the Online Academy, and shorter clips on London Savate YouTube and my nascent personal channel. (Please subscribe and share, thanks :))

Current Situation.
Current government guidance is that non-elite sports training is limited to 2 people outdoors, with distancing observed. This prohibits any pad work or boxing. At some point in June/July this could expand to slightly larger groups for distanced training, At such a time, if it is possible, I will propose some park circuits / shadowboxing / running for those who are (a) not isolating (b) haven’t had known contact with covid cases and (c) can travel a responsible distance to attend. In July some gyms and fitness businesses are set to reopen for distanced, solo training with equipment sanitized frequently. Contact sports are not envisaged to be back before October, however, and this date is optimistic.

After that, Savate training might be subject to, for example:

  • Training whilst wearing masks.
  • 2-4m between participants
  • Medical screening.
  • No use of the changing area.
  • Limits on numbers obliging a strict booking system.
  • Beormund centre policies and availability.
  • A ‘second spike’ enforcing a re-imposition of stricter measures.

If any green light is given I will take stock and consult members on their preferences. For instance, if masked, non-contact, advance booked and limited training is permitted, but not widely appealing, we may opt to wait a bit longer.

With enough inventiveness, resilience, and patience these hurdles will pass as those before have. I hope you are keeping safe and well and I look forward to training with you again when the time comes.