Phase 1 Return to Play (outdoors)

Phase 1 Return to Play Guidance. Applicable from Sunday 18th April 2021.

This document was superseded on 17th May by

Members should note that we are operating within a special exemption from national law. Therefore please treat the following guidelines with respect. Breaking any of the session rules – or pressuring others to break them – whether deliberately, carelessly, or playfully will be frowned upon and may lead to a member being banned from training.

Before the session:

  • You must book in advance. No on-the-day bookings taken.
  • Ensure you can attend while minimising your travel on public transport (and wear a mask).
  • If you wish to do partner drills, you can pair with a ‘training buddy’. (See below)
  • Check the Covid screening list and cancel immediately if you notice symptoms or come into contact with anyone with symptoms.
  • Bookmark this page and refresh for frequent weather / cancellation updates BEFORE travelling.

On arrival:

  • Please arrive on time at the meeting point.
  • Please do NOT greet your colleagues with fist bumps or hugs. Instead, use the Savate salute at 2m distance.
  • Go directly to your training station (indicated by instructor).
  • Hand sanitizer will be available, should you not have your own, before starting the session.

During the session:

  • For most of the session you will train 2m apart from all other participants at your training station.
  • Do not move away from your training station unless instructed to.
  • Try NOT to touch outdoor surfaces such as benches or the ground with your hands.
  • Stop and tell the instructor if you feel unwell at any point.

Training buddy partnered drills:

  • During a limited contact training period, you will be permitted to train with ONE OTHER PERSON, your nominated ‘training buddy‘ (see below).
  • You and your training buddy must be 2m away from everyone else.
  • You will be permitted to strike ONLY to the extended gloves of your training buddy about 1m away.
  • Avoid bringing your hands back to your face as much as possible.
  • Gloves to be sanitized with wipes before and after working with your training buddy.

After the session

  • When the session finishes, do not be tempted to break social distancing, instead please leave the training area promptly.
  • Participants should note that meeting socially in groups larger than 6 is not legal and should be avoided.
  • If you notice any Covid symptoms within 10 days after training, you MUST inform the instructor.
  • For the contact part of the session, you will train only with your training buddy
  • You will be matched with an appropriate training buddy when you arrive.
  • You will ideally train with the same training buddy in EVERY SESSION of Phase 1.
  • You may change training buddies if, for example, your training buddy cannot make a session. This is limited to a maximum number changes in line with permitted training bubble numbers and a minimum number of days separating contact activities.
  • Please write to us first if you are in a contact bubble in another setting.
  • Please minimise what you bring to reduce risk of contamination.
  • Boxing gloves for limited contact training. You will be asked to sanitize them before and after any partner training.
  • Dress for outdoor training in changeable conditions (think layers).
  • Outdoor trainers for park and running use recommended.
  • Your own water bottle. No water bottle sharing will be permitted.
  • Your own hand sanitizer, if possible.
  • London Savate will bring hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and first aid equipment. Nothing else will be provided.

Your instructor will continue to provide emergency first aid as usual and where required. We ask that you please consider whether you would prefer to self-treat basic and minor abrasions and bumps etc, under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Where we must provide first aid to you, we will endeavour to use gloves and a mask to reduce the risk of infection. Please be aware that depending on the nature of your injury we may not have the time to undertake thorough distancing measures before giving emergency treatment. Speak with us in advance if this may be of a concern to you.

Covid-19 will mean changes to the way the club’s insurance works as well as the way any applicable student insurance is effective. Rest assured we remain fully insured as appropriate and directed by regulations and any cover you have with membership remains fully active. A major condition is that there will be no liability accepted for any parties, arising as a direct result of Covid-19. Please ensure you have suitable alternative arrangements in place for cover required arising from any Covid-19 risks relating to your training. If you are not sure what this means, please speak with us as soon as practical.

Other insurance restrictions may be enforced by the insurer as appropriate, noting the change to learning environments. Please be assured that all standard cover is in place for usual circumstances. We will continue to liaise with our insurers and will keep you updated on any further relevant changes.

To book this event you must agree to ALL the screening checks both at the time of booking and before traveling to the session.

  1. I am NOT suffering any flu or coronavirus / covid-19 symptoms inc: a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss of sense of smell or taste.
  2. I have NOT been in contact with someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
  3. I am NOT currently self-isolating nor am I in a household with someone who is self-isolating.
  4. I am NOT in a high-risk health category.
  5. I agree to follow the guidelines for 2m distancing, hygiene, and contact for this session.
  6. I can reach the session by travelling an appropriate distance and will consider not using public transport.
  7. If I experience any Covid symptoms within the 7 days following the session I will write to the instructor.

It is essential you complete the booking form before attending a session. No booking, no training.

On 8th April 2021, DCMS approved WAKO GB’s Kickboxing Return to Play. We understand from British Martial Arts and Boxing Association, Sport England says Clubs and instructors from ANY association can use an approved Return to Play policy issued by any other association or NGB. This means there is NO requirement to be registered with another association in order to deliver contact training just because they have written the Return to Play policy.

Kickboxing Return to Play:

Grassroots Sports Guidance – Step 2 (12th April 2021).
Outdoors, organised contact combat sport activities can resume at phase 2 for children, and phase 1 for adults. Organised sessions can take place in any number, but people must maintain the rules on social contact before and after the training session. Indoors, organised contact combat sport activities can resume at phase 2 for children. Adults can resume indoors at phase 1, note that adult may only train indoors as individuals. Organised adult group sessions are NOT allowed.

All participants should adhere to social distancing when not actively participating e.g. during breaks. Coaches must take steps to ensure the level of contact is reduced as much as possible. E.g. social distancing should be maintained during warms up and solo training.

Medium Risk Activities (MRA)
MRA’s are activities where the sport requires the athlete to come within 2m, typically operating at 1m with contact only on gloves and focus pads. These activities are allowed when the sport is in phase 1:

Partnered Training Drills – Phase 1
Unique to point fighting, this activity typically involves partnered athletes in sparring equipment using each other’s gloves as target areas. The drill is essential for recreating realistic distance, timing and movement patterns whilst allowing the athletes to land strikes without injuring their training partners. Contact is fleeting and typically on a partner’s protective equipment.