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Why Start Savate?

  • It looks great and feels good.

    Savate is a graceful, elegant art and you’ll learn to punch and kick with style. We want to teach you moves you will enjoy doing and spend time improving.

  • You’ll get fitter.

    Savate classes will benefit your cardio fitness, range of motion, and body strength. You can use the exercise to lose weight, get in shape, and improve your flexibility. Our fighter conditioning programmes takes you from beginner to ring fighter.

  • There is no heavy contact.

    Our main style is a unique game, more like high-speed kickboxing chess, with no heavy contact. If you don’t particularly want to get beat up, we are here for you.

  • It promotes self-understanding.

    Learning anything well gives a sense of achievement and progress. Sparring teaches you to focus and to understand things more clearly. Gradings and competitions test how well you know yourself, your adaptability, courage, patience, and wit. It is a journey we support you on from the very beginning. We are still learning all the time ourselves.


Savate is an French kickboxing art that stretches back to the early 1800s – about 150 years before modern kickboxing. What is Savate?

Why us?

  • London Savate is one of the biggest Savate clubs in the country.
  • We have been creating champions – at British, European and World level – for over 15 years.
  • Our instructors are all international medallists with loads of experience.
  • Our gym is located an easy walk from London bridge station.
  • We are a friendly, welcoming club with lots to offer.

We may not have a luxury gym, but we have enough space, top coaches, enthusiastic students, the experience and knowledge to get you where you want to go – and have fun doing it.

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What to expect.

When you start Savate the first few weeks and months are about learning correct technique. It’s addictive, be warned. You might find yourself perfecting footwork as you walk to the bus, try a few kicks to the wall as you wait for the toast, or decide on your next sparring strategy as your mind drifts in that 3pm meeting. Your legs will feel different as you build the strength to kick high, fast, and move well. And ‘after fighting, everything in your life has the volume turned down’. (Fight Club).

How to start Savate.

Check out our Savate classes.

NB Right now in 2020 we are not training until Covid-19 restrictions lift. Get the latest.

I look forward to training with you soon.

James Southwood
London Savate Head Coach and former World Champion.