We are open to new members from May 2021.

From Sunday 2nd May, our outdoor Return to Play classes will be open to everyone! Under Phase 1 we can do pad work, glove-to-glove with designated training partners, (following screening and sanitisation protocols).


Classes from 2nd May

  • 90 minutes of Savate technique, fitness, and partner training.
  • Olympic Park Stratford.
  • Sundays 2pm start.
  • Only £9 per session*.
  • Please read the Return to Play regulations in full before attending any session.

The link londonsavate.co.uk/outdoors/ will still give a real-time status so you can check on the weather. (Embedded in the classes page anyway).

As the possibility of sudden closure owing to lockdown or other Covid measures is still present, we won’t be taking monthly or block bookings yet. Pay per class using the booking calendar on the classes page. (Booking each class in advance is required).

Keep reminding yourself of the Covid Return to Play regulations which are linked on the page above. It is vital we follow them to remain insured, legal, and to avoid being forced to stop training.

*We recognise the pandemic has compromised finances for many people. We never want to see anyone excluded from training for financial reasons. If the class fees are a genuine barrier for your ability to train, please write and we will sort something out.

If you have credit from before lockdown we will transfer it over. Please write to organise this.