Training Safely Online

When training online, safety is your lookout.

Before and during each training session, run a risk assessment to check, for example, that:

• Your training area is free from hazards (eg. trip, slip, or sharp objects). • You are no danger to the people and valuables around you. • You feel physically well enough to train. • Identify injuries in advance and avoid training over them. • Complete the recommended warm-up before training. • If you feel unwell, stop and assess, or seek assistance. • Respect your level and do not attempt exercises for which you are not ready. • Use common sense at all times.•

By staying safe you can train more enjoyably, for longer, and keep improving!

If in doubt, consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime.

Re-read the assumption of risks in our terms and conditions and please cease training immediately if you are not comfortable with them.