How to prepare for Savate competition

Q: How to prepare for a Savate competition?
A: With this World Academy course.

This course is available with London Savate World Academy access. Previews below.

reading the referee thumbnail

Reading the referee: how good fighters adjust to avoid warnings.

Do you know the rules of Savate (Assaut) and what the referee will do if you break them? Great resource for novice fighters and competitors who want to learn how to adjust to the referee and avoid warnings.

How to get your hand raised: inside the judges’ scorecard

You only win a Savate fight if you successfully convince the judges that you did. Here are 10 ways to get the score to go in your favour (from a fighter with over 120 international wins on his record).

Every battle is won before it is ever fought

It is usual to put in an 8-12 week training plan to prepare your body for competition. How do you structure that for best effect? Here I reverse the thinking and distil what I have learnt over 15 years of competition preparation.

Assured and ready: the logistics of fight day

What do you need to bring on fight day and how do you structure your time, rest, warm-ups, and food intake? Here I run through a typical day of competition and go through the items that you need for optimum success.

Developing Sparring Sequences

For technique that works in sparring and competition, prepare sequences of your best attacks and replies and refine them to meet any situation. I guide you through that process in this 36 min light technical class.

6-Round Competitive Workout

The workout I personally use to get fit for Savate competition. 6 rounds of technique and (explosive) exercises designed to mimic fight heartrate and difficulty.

Speed and endurance: running as fight preparation

Running is a great component of your competition preparation. It is cheap, easily accessible and can be made light or hard depending on your level and your needs. Here I give my recommendations for times/distances for endurance and speed training as you approach a competition.

Tactical Imagery

Mental Imagery is a widely used tool for improving sports performance. Generally it is defined as imagining the sporting activity in the absence of doing it physically . A rehearsal in the mind, if you will.