Multiple Kicking Month

CourseMultiple Kicking Month
DescriptionDrilling for the sequences of chambered kicks for which Savate is admired.


Daily Kicking Exercises
Daily Kicking ExercisesA 5 min daily exercise routine to make your Savate kicks stable, technical, and strong. Available on London Savate World …To Do6
Multiple Kick Masterclass
Multiple Kick MasterclassMultiple kicks – without touching down – are very distinctive of Savate. This full-length class features brand new tips and …To Do39
Multiple Kick Workout
Multiple Kick WorkoutImprove your kicks with this 3-piece workout: (1) 10 Exercises designed to target the kicking muscles (2) Double kick practice …To Do26
Fight Analysis Workout: Multiple KicksWatch multiple Savate kicks being used effectively in the ring. Talk-along fight analysis PLUS workout. This content is available with …To Do6