Smooth Spins

CourseSmooth Spins
DescriptionEach spin in turn. 3 technical breakdown sessions for Savate turning kicks
Smooth Spinning Revers
Smooth Spinning ReversTo Do28The revers tournant is a great way to score long range points in style. Learn how to turn properly and …
Smooth Spinning Chassé
Smooth Spinning ChasséTo Do28Chassé tournant is a difficult kick for your opponent to deal; with. Learn how to balance and align the kick …
Smooth Spinning Fouetté
Smooth Spinning FouettéTo Do22Spinning fouetté can be done in two distinct ways. Let’s break them down and have some fun in this class. …
James Southwood Savate coach
Spinning kick feedbackCan you show off some smooth spins? This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London …