Your first Savate class

A warm welcome to your first Savate class with me

28 mins | Stance | Punching | Fouetté kick technique | Combinations | Freestyle


Isometric Stretching
Leg stretch and strengthening through active/passive muscle use.Repeat 2-3 times (come all the way back up, move down again) for the same position. – Go carefully, only attempt to improve previous range of motion by a fraction. – Recover fully afterwards. This stretch is as demanding on the muscles as a weights workout or run.

Abs/Oblique workout

Floor exercises for key abdominal and oblique muscles.
Each Round:
10 crunches
20 side crunches (10 each side)
10 leg raises
20 side twists (10 each side)
10 touch toes
20 bicycles (10 each side)
1 min rest

x 3-5 rounds

Find the exercises used in this workout

Cardio Burst

Designed to replicate length of one bout with bursts of intense activity and no rest.
8-10 minutes.
Every minute: 10 second (or for count of 20) knees up, sprint.
Or: every 30 sec, knees up for 5.
Variation: use star jumps or running/sprinting.


  1. Hello James,

    I am new here, but wondered if with a left side lead, if you could ever strike with the right hand or foot and follow through effectively switching your lead side (now would be right side). I fully understand one side forward, just curious about the parameters and/or guidance around this distinction.


  2. Hi Brian, good to get your insight here. Yes, you can use right side strike, change lead, and work out of that. I sometimes do this when fighting, and it appeatrs as a Green Glove combination (2.2 in the GB Syallbus). It has a few pitfalls, however: for one, your opponent may read your intention and attack the side you have just put dfwn in the ‘wrong’ position’. Two, it can lead to laziness if you don’t aim to return to stance after each strike. So I believe it is better to train maintenance of lead, and use a switch under special circumstances only when you are sure you know the effect or reason for what you are doing.

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