Training Safely Online

When training online, safety is your lookout.

Before and during each training session, run a risk assessment to check, for example, that:

• Your training area is free from hazards (eg. trip, slip, or sharp objects). • You are no danger to the people and valuables around you. • You feel physically well enough to train. • Identify injuries in advance and avoid training over them. • Complete the recommended warm-up before training. • If you feel unwell, stop and assess, or seek assistance. • Respect your level and do not attempt exercises for which you are not ready. • Use common sense at all times.•

By staying safe you can train more enjoyably, for longer, and keep improving!

If in doubt, consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime.

Re-read the assumption of risks in our terms and conditions and please cease training immediately if you are not comfortable with them.

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  • Covid-19 Notice. We are still not able to offer contact classes within government guidelines. We will reopen the moment it is safe, legal, and practical to do so. Consult news pages for latest or train with us online.