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Can I learn Savate online?

Yes, you can learn Savate online effectively with our video lessons, remote coaching, and training tools – plus a little commitment from you. With a former World Champion in your virtual corner, develop your Savate technique, fitness, flexibility, and knowledge with us. Beginners welcome. No partner necessary.

I believe in aiming for excellence.

Hi there,

Let me share with you the training methods that made me a World Savate champion.

The lessons, workouts, and masterclasses featured on my online academy are designed to let you learn the art of Savate from anywhere. I take you through the basics, the techniques, the fitness, and the tactics. Take a look around and start your free trial today.

I hope to train with you soon!

James Southwood, 2014 World Savate Assaut Champion and Savate Silver Glove.

An online academy with real-world features.

• Full-length Savate classes • Talk to your coach • Interact with other students around the world •

What you get as a member:

  • Regular training. A training plan in your inbox with week-by-week Savate videos delivered personally by former World Champion James Southwood.  
  • Access to our library with over 150 on-demand Savate lessons and workouts to do any time.
  • Structured courses to develop your Savate footwork, fitness, defences, flexibility, etc.
  • Exclusive new content. Lessons, workouts, masterclasses added every month.
  • Newsletter with training ideas, events, tips, and updates.

Fantastic set of Savate resources!

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Even when my wi-fi stopped me streaming a lesson, there’s enough good content in the fitness section to give me a really good workout. Nice one!
European Savate Champion

James’ passion for the art of Savate clearly comes through.

The content is highly engaging, calorie burning, and will give you an in-depth look at the techniques of Savate. I’ve been working with James for a little over a month now, and he has been highly responsive to all of my questions, and he offers a large amount of depth on Savate techniques and strategies.


I’m amazed at the quality of the online academy, I’ve been using it whilst in France and it’s proven invaluable.

No Savate club near you? No problem!

We have members training with us online all over the world!

Recent classes

Lateral Movement Mastery01 Aug 2021

Take your lateral movement understanding up a level. A month of footwork training drills, reactions, and workouts – kicking off with a masterclass to raise your understanding.

Lateral Step Reactions01 Aug 2021

Test your lateral step (déc et déb) reactions against different attacks, and box against me in this technical footwork class!

Explosive Step Workout01 Aug 2021

20 minutes designed to improve the speed and balance of your fast stepping.

Lateral Movement Masterclass01 Aug 2021

This video will take your lateral movement understanding up a gear. Do you stay in range for your escapes? How many steps do you take? What are décalage and débordement?

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Earn your Savate glove with us

We offer a unique online Savate grading system. Students grade to the same high standards as in-person. Requires a training partner, good quality video recording, time, and hard work!

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