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Can I learn Savate online?

Yes, you can learn Savate online effectively with video coaching, plus a little space and commitment. Develop your Savate technique, fitness, flexibility, and knowledge. Beginners welcome. No partner necessary.

Join Savate students, fighters, and coaches in the USA, Korea, South Africa, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, France and learn using our online training videos.

Want to learn Savate kick boxing but no club near you?

With on-demand Savate classes, workouts, analysis, and personalised video feedback, James can be your Savate coach from anywhere.

What are the classes like?

The Savate lessons courses are usually 40-45 minute videos, with warm-up, technique, freestyle, and conditioning or fitness components. James explains the purpose as well as the technique in any move or combination. Try some out below:

Let’s get started with a few free videos.

This is just a small selection – the complete library includes over 112 clips, lessons, documents, talks, and fight analyses.

Your first Savate class01 Apr 202028lessons online-academybeginners
Short Explainer РChass̩02 May 20202clips online-academybeginners
Fouetté02 Jun 202043lessons online-academykicking-class

Learn a bit more:

Free trial.

What people are saying.

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Even when my wi-fi stopped me streaming a lesson, there’s enough good content in the fitness section to give me a really good workout. Nice one! (Lizzy – former European Savate Champion).

I’m amazed at the quality of the online academy, I’ve been using it whilst in France and it’s proven invaluable.(Maelhann).

James’ passion for the art of Savate clearly comes through. The content is highly engaging, calorie burning, and will give you an in-depth look at the techniques of Savate. I’ve been working with James for a little over a month now, and he has been highly responsive to all of my questions, and he offers a large amount of depth on Savate techniques and strategies. I would highly recommend this online course. I have found it very useful, even though I am viewing the material from overseas. (David, Indianapolis)

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  • Covid-19 Notice. We are still not able to offer contact classes within government guidelines. We will reopen the moment it is safe, legal, and practical to do so. Consult news pages for latest or train with us online.