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learn savate online with james southwood

Learn Savate online with James Southwood

Hi, I’m James Southwood. Welcome to the London Savate Online Academy. Train along with me 3x per week during lockdown and take advantage of my 20 years in the sport and the techniques that made me a World Champion. Whether you want to get fitter, improve your technique, or try out my workouts and exercise plans, I’m here to support your Savate journey.

Please select your next online Savate class from the menu. What do you want to improve next? You can chose classes that cover better footwork, kicking higher, boxing for Savate, tactical improvements, and workouts – I hope you’ll find what you are looking for. Enjoy your training and stay safe! Feel free to contact me with your questions, requests, and feedback.

What the Online Academy includes:

Lockdown Savate Lessons.

3x per week, 40-50 minutes.
Learn the basic techniques, put together combinations, improve your kicks, punches, footwork, defences, and have a go trying freestyle on your own or against the instructor on-screen.

  • Filmed outdoors.
  • Solo training.
  • No equipment needed.
  • See safety notice.

All classes include a warm-up, technical breakdown, progression of technique and some fitness to finish – all in the safe hands of our Head Coach.

Footwork Lessons

Learn your décalage from your débordement. Footwork drills that will show you how to move better and more effectively, put in context with Savate techniques.

Kicking Lessons

Kick higher, spin, stretch and put some time into learning best form for Savate kicking.

Boxing Lessons

Get better using your hands. Strategies, punches, stepping, defences designed to work with Savate.

Defences Lessons

Practise the escapes, slips, blocks, and defences on your own and make them watertight.

Tactics Lessons

Classes putting together rhythms, feints, and variety to improve your game.

Fitness Area

  • Exercise pages – ideas and videos for using eg. shadowboxing, running, and bodyweight exercises.
  • Workouts – 5min-40min workouts for Savate fighter conditioning, for use with the lessons or on their own.
  • Plans – longer plans and programmes for getting into shape

Grading Area

Syllabus breakdown and 40 minute videos covering each grade from Blue to Silver.

Questions and Answers

Have a question or James? Want to improve your shadowboxing? Your breathing? Pose it here and receive a video answer.

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