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Can I learn Savate online?

Yes, you can learn Savate online effectively with video, remote coaching, plus a little space and commitment. With a former World Champion in your virtual corner, you can develop excellent technique, fitness, flexibility, and knowledge. Beginners welcome. No partner necessary.

Fantastic set of Savate resources!

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Even when my wi-fi stopped me streaming a lesson, there’s enough good content in the fitness section to give me a really good workout. Nice one!
European Savate Champion

James’ passion for the art of Savate clearly comes through.

The content is highly engaging, calorie burning, and will give you an in-depth look at the techniques of Savate. I’ve been working with James for a little over a month now, and he has been highly responsive to all of my questions, and he offers a large amount of depth on Savate techniques and strategies.


I’m amazed at the quality of the online academy, I’ve been using it whilst in France and it’s proven invaluable.

No Savate club near you?

No problem! I can be your coach from anywhere. Join students training all around the world.

Your coach

Hi. I am James Southwood. I started Savate back in 1999 and since then have had over 200 fights and fought in 7 World Championships. I have been teaching for over 17 years and have helped hundreds of students reach their goals, get into the ring for the first time, win a medal, or simply get started standing on one leg.

What are the lessons like?

Classes are typically 40-45 minutes, with warm-up, technique, freestyle, and conditioning or fitness. I aim to explain the purpose as well as guide you through the technique. I believe full-length classes help you put moves into context and return to techniques as you learn, which you cannot do with just a few minutes demo in a one-off online course. Try the free sample class here on the fouetté kick:

Recent classes

Baiting and Drawing12 Apr 2021

How to set up your preferred replies. Here we break down the Yellow Glove skill of drawing into its component parts.

Revers Frontal05 Apr 2021

Technical class. Here we use the Revers Frontal kick to touch, reply, and combine with a décalage to make it more effective.

20min Kick Strength Workout29 Mar 2021

20 minutes of exercises and kicking drills for stronger legs and kicking technique.

Long-Short-Long22 Mar 2021

39 mins. Changing range with each strike is an excellent way to confuse and attack an opponent. here we use punches and kicks in sequences that will help you dominate the range.

Grading Skills Workshop15 Mar 2021

39 mins. Learn the skills embedded into each Savate grade and help your journey to sparring mastery!

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