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James Southwood Savate coach

I wanted to offer the chance to learn Savate to those who don’t have a training centre, so I pointed a camera at myself and started teaching everything I have learnt as a coach and fighter over more than 20 years.

James Southwood, former World Savate Champion

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The London Savate World Academy offers online training to students all around the world. Over 200 video lessons (new videos each month) allowing you to train every aspect of Savate technique.

You have struck gold!

If you are in search of a clear path to learn the art of Savate, then you have struck gold. This course goes beyond anything that I have encountered to date, a full program both technically sound and physically measured, led by a true ambassador of the art of Savate.
South Africa

Yes. The World Academy online grading system assesses candidates to the same high standard as in-person grading. You need a partner for the grading itself, even if you usually train solo.

All the Academy classes are recorded, which means you do not need to wait for a certain start time, you can do them when you want, and return to the same class to perfect your technique.

Yes. All members can message me for support or to ask questions. Gold Members can submit video for my feedback.

Billing is monthly on the credit card you gave when you signed up. Memberships are rolling and charged monthly. You can cancel your subscription any time under ‘my account’ and you won’t be charged again. Your access will last to the next billing cycle.

All of the lessons feature me training on my own and inviting you to workout with me. If you have a partner, you can use the lessons to train with them. After all, Savate is a two-person game so we are aiming to develop those skills.

No. Just some safe space to box in and some shoes you are comfortable training in (Savate is a shoe-fighting art). If you have a kick bag, all the better, but this is not needed.

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An absolute recommendation!

Clear, to-the-point and easy to understand. James is a skilled instructor. His lessons are pleasant and professional as well. An absolute recommendation!

We have rediscovered our enthusiasm!

As both coach and students, we have rediscovered our enthusiasm as a club. We are all looking forward to new era for our club with your program.

Fantastic set of Savate resources!

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Nice one!
European Savate Champion

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Before and during each training session run a risk assessment to check, for example, that • Your training area is free from hazards (eg. trip, slip, or sharp objects). • You are no danger to the people and valuables around you. • You feel physically well enough to train. • Identify injuries in advance and avoid training over them. • Complete the recommended warm-up before training. • If you feel unwell, stop and assess, or seek assistance. • Respect your level and do not attempt exercises for which you are not ready. • Use common sense at all times.