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Mission: a Savate Academy you can join from anywhere.

James Southwood Savate coach

Savate is an excellent fight sport, teaching grace and accuracy as well as ring craft and confidence.

The only trouble: unless you live in certain regions or have a coach visit, it is not always possible to train. I want to change that.

Former World Savate Champion James Southwood

Common obstacles to starting Savate

  • Hard to find a club. Not every region has a Savate centre nearby.
  • Few bona fide coaches. Many have a limited exposure to Savate.
  • Misinformation. Youtube is full of poor quality or misleading Savate tutorials.
  • If you don’t speak French you miss out on a lot of instruction.

The answer

I am using 15 years of Savate teaching experience to give you full-length online Savate training lessons on every theme to follow at your own pace and style.

  • Former World Champion Savate Silver Glove coach.
  • Recorded classes you can do anytime.
  • English language instruction.
  • Accessible anywhere you have internet connection.

Watch a class for free

There is a full video library you can browse.

Never be stuck for training again.

Online library

Over 150 Savate training videos on every theme: tactics, kicks, boxing, defences, combinations, footwork. Search by category, tag, or keyword.


Structured courses to improve your flexibility, footwork, fitness, or cover the foundations.

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Get fit and flexible by adding my 20-30min workouts to your training.

New content monthly

New lessons added every month. Always have something fresh to do.

You have struck gold!

If you are in search of a clear path to learn the art of Savate, then you have struck gold. This course goes beyond anything that I have encountered to date, a full program both technically sound and physically measured, led by a true ambassador of the art of Savate.
South Africa

Yes. The World Academy online grading system assesses candidates to the same high standard as in-person grading. You need a partner for the grading itself, even if you usually train solo.

All the Academy classes are recorded, which means you do not need to wait for a certain start time, you can do them when you want, and return to the same class to perfect your technique.

Yes. All members can message/email me for support or to ask questions. Under the Gold plan you can submit videos to me for review and set-up an online meeting once per month to check progress and go over your aims.

After your free trial, billing is monthly on the credit card you gave when you signed up.

You can cancel your subscription any time under ‘my account’ and you won’t be charged again. Your access will last to the next billing cycle.

No. Just some safe space to box in and some shoes you are comfortable training in (Savate is a shoe-fighting art). If you have a kick bag or a partner, all the better, but these are not needed.

An absolute recommendation!

Clear, to-the-point and easy to understand. James is a skilled instructor. His lessons are pleasant and professional as well. An absolute recommendation!

We have rediscovered our enthusiasm!

As both coach and students, we have rediscovered our enthusiasm as a club. We are all looking forward to new era for our club with your program.

Fantastic set of Savate resources!

I want to applaud James for this fantastic set of Savate resources! Nice one!
European Savate Champion

Joining the Academy today is risk free.

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Per Month

Access to library with over 150 Savate lessons and workouts. Structured courses on footwork, fitness, defences, flexibility, kicking. Email / message support to answer questions and keep you on track. Exclusive new content added every month.



Per Month

All the benefits of the World Academy PLUS Personal coaching over a 30 min call with me every month. Video review submit your training or sparring videos for feedback. Get involved by suggesting next videos and training themes.

How students around the world benefit from the academy

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