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Attacking Well

The first stage of your tactical development is being able to attack effectively, whilst maintaining organisation. Touch without getting touched.

CourseImproving Attacks
DescriptionA series of training workouts with different ideas to improve your attacking skills.
Changing Heights
Changing HeightsTo Do35Combinations using different heights can disrupt an opponent. 3 drills to help you change heights more easily. Available on London …
Using Both Legs
Using Both LegsTo Do38Using left and right kicks in combinations to confuse an opponent and to beat their defences by using all our …
DoublesTo Do43Double strikes increase the volume, score points, and double our chances of winning! This content is available with London Savate …
Attack Variety
Attack VarietyTo Do44Employing different heights, segments, and trajectories tio imrpove our attacks. This content is available with London Savate World Academy online …
RhythmTo Do45Controlling our rhythm as we progress from moving to striking with 2,3,4 attacks. This content is available with London Savate …
CourseBetter Combinations
DescriptionBetter ways to kick, punch, and combine our attacks effectively.
Poing-PiedTechnique 46 mins | Warm-up | Direct to Fouetté | Weight forward + Chassé arrière | Débordement + fouetté bas …To Do46
Pied-PoingTechnique 46 mins | Warm-up | Avant – Avant | Avant – Arrière | Arrière – Avant | Freestyle | …To Do46
Revers CombinationsLet’s use the revers kick in 3 different combinations. This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training …To Do43
5-Strike CombinationsFlow into these longer combinations of kicks and punches and use them to increase your volume, fitness, and touches scored. …To Do43
Double LeadsMeasure and execute your attacks effectively using the front (lead) hand or foot twice (double) to control and measure your …To Do44
Combinations feedback Let’s see what your combinations are looking like This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or …

CourseMultiple Kicking Month
DescriptionDrilling for the sequences of chambered kicks for which Savate is admired.


Daily Kicking Exercises
Daily Kicking ExercisesA 5 min daily exercise routine to make your Savate kicks stable, technical, and strong. Available on London Savate World …To Do6
Multiple Kick Masterclass
Multiple Kick MasterclassMultiple kicks – without touching down – are very distinctive of Savate. This full-length class features brand new tips and …To Do39
Multiple Kick Workout
Multiple Kick WorkoutImprove your kicks with this 3-piece workout: (1) 10 Exercises designed to target the kicking muscles (2) Double kick practice …To Do26
Fight Analysis Workout: Multiple KicksWatch multiple Savate kicks being used effectively in the ring. Talk-along fight analysis PLUS workout. This content is available with …To Do6

CourseFurther Kicks Training
DescriptionMore practice going over the single kicks again - and stretch you a bit further this time.

ReversTo Do37Revers Frontal | Revers Lateral | Disturbing Guard | Revers tournant | Revers: Blue, Green, and Red levels This content …
Coup de Pied Bas
Coup de Pied BasTo Do37Training for the Coup de Pied bas or Balayage technique This content is available with London Savate World Academy online …
Chassé Frontal
Chassé FrontalTo Do43To explore and get better at using chassé frontal. Contents Warm-up. 1. End with 2. Start with. 3. Defend against. …
Chassé Fundamentals
Chassé FundamentalsTo Do45Training the Chassé kick, put it into different attacks, and strengthen the muscles it employs. Available on London Savate World …
Revers Frontal
Revers FrontalTo Do41Technical class. Here we use the Revers Frontal kick to touch, reply, and combine with a décalage to make it …
James Southwood Savate coach
Further Kicking feedbackNow you have studied all the kicks again, time to see how you have improved. This content is available with …

Good Savate Attacks CertificateDemonstrate your Savate kick punch, kick-kick and double-kick attacks, solo or partnered, to earn this certificate Please log in or get access with London Savate World Academy online training or London Savate Monthly Membership.
CourseBlue Glove Preparation
DescriptionSavate sessions targeting key Blue Glove skills. (Solo training).

Blue Glove Training SessionTo Do39Technique 39 mins | Blue Glove principles | Warm-up | Simple techniques | Combinations | Assaut | Stability fitness. Fitness …
Blue Glove CombinationsTo Do44Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Blue Glove combinations and to create a resource to return to for …
3 Smart Blue Glove MovesTo Do3939 minutes. Effective ways to touch and not get touched in reply. Distance, angles, and effective finishes. Ace your Blue …
Smart Blue Glove feedbackLet’s test out your key Blue Glove skills This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or …
Blue Glove SyllabusWorld Academy Online Blue Glove Syllabus This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London Savate …

Online Blue Glove Partnered Grading
Online Blue Glove Partnered GradingWorld Academy online Blue Glove examination. If you have passed the prerequisites and necessary preparation, Message me to pay the fee and start the grading.