Savate teaching boxing opening

Replying with Confidence

Now let’s build up your defensive Savate game with protection, parades, escapes, and blocks. Don’t get touched and touch in reply.

CourseSorting your defences out
DescriptionSet of lessons & workouts designed to make you feel fitter and more comfortable when defending.


15min Organised Defence Workout
15min Organised Defence WorkoutShort, sharp workout of shadowboxing and explosive exercises designed to improve your ability to maintain defensive structure. Available on London …To Do16
20 minutes of defensive shadowboxing chains
20 minutes of defensive shadowboxing chainsA light workout to go over technique and enjoy chaining together attacks and defences. Available on London Savate World Academy …To Do19
Forearms, Elbows and Palms: working with your defensive tools
Forearms, Elbows and Palms: working with your defensive toolsFeel more confident in your defensive fortress with this full-length 38min technical class. Available on London Savate World Academy Join …To Do39
No Wobbles: Defensive Core Workout
No Wobbles: Defensive Core WorkoutCan you keep steady when under attack? 20 minute workout targeting torso stability when under pressure or perturbation. Available on …To Do21

CourseDifferent Ways of Blocking and Escaping
DescriptionSelected lessons to guide you through the different blocks, parades, escapes, and defences.

EscapesTo Do3939 mins | Blue: Punch/Kick + Escape | Green: Escape + Punch/Kick | Blue + Green: Escapes in Combinations | …
UnpredictabilityTo Do47Technique 47 mins | Unpredictable Movement x 3 rounds | Strikes x 3 rounds | Multiple height kicks x 3 …
Parade ChasséeTo Do48Technique 48 mins | Warm-up + kick practice | Parade chassée sur poing | Parade chassée sur fouetté médian | …
In-Line EscapesTo Do43Technique 43 mins | Warm-up | Move both feet | Move front foot | Move rear foot | Fitness and …
Chassé d’ArrêtTo Do48Technique 48 mins | Warm-up | Chassé frontal | Chassé lateral | Chassé bas | Fitness and revision | Cooldown …
Head MovementTo Do47Aims To introduce some head movement fundamentals and explore how to use them in Savate attacks and counterattacks. Contents Warm-up. …
Slipping PunchesTo Do42Aims To add a few slips into our boxing escapes; to use slips in Blue, Green, and Red Glove contexts. …
Parade bloquéeTo Do44Aims To get more familiar with the form and uses of parade bloquée (block) Contents Warm-up. Blue Green. Red. Freestyle. …
Evading Low KicksTo Do38Keep your legs away from incoming strikes with these 3 escapes plus bonus footwork fitness round. Available on London Savate …
Blocking and Escaping feedbackTime to show off all your good defensive moves This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training …

CourseDefensive Cycles
DescriptionSavate lessons guiding you through blending attacks with defences and back again.

1s and 3s
1s and 3sTo Do45Technique 45 mins | Warm-up | Jab setups | Fouetté setups | Revers setups | Revision and fitness | Cooldown …
Counterattack the Coach
Counterattack the CoachTo Do4848 min. Learn some effective Savate counterattacks and test your reactions and read an opponent in this video. This content …
Tick-TockTo Do30Tick-tock is an excellent game in Savate – strike/defend/strike/defend etc – which teaches a useful way to chain movements together. …
Uppercut Counters
Uppercut CountersTo Do42Uppercuts are usually too close-range for Savate, but they make great surprise counters. In this class, we train 3 methods …
6 Ripostes and Counters
6 Ripostes and CountersTo Do33Join me for 6 replies and counters to attacks to all heights – including a reaction round test at the …
Attack Defend Cycles
Attack Defend CyclesTo Do41Every attack is rightly followed by a defence, which is then followed by another attack, and so on to the …
James Southwood Savate coach
Defensive cycle feedbackLet’s see if you can show your defensive organisation and flow. This content is available with London Savate World Academy …

CourseSmooth Spins
DescriptionEach spin in turn. 3 technical breakdown sessions for Savate turning kicks

Smooth Spinning Revers
Smooth Spinning ReversTo Do28The revers tournant is a great way to score long range points in style. Learn how to turn properly and …
Smooth Spinning Chassé
Smooth Spinning ChasséTo Do28Chassé tournant is a difficult kick for your opponent to deal; with. Learn how to balance and align the kick …
Smooth Spinning Fouetté
Smooth Spinning FouettéTo Do22Spinning fouetté can be done in two distinct ways. Let’s break them down and have some fun in this class. …
James Southwood Savate coach
Spinning kick feedbackCan you show off some smooth spins? This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London …

CourseWinning Combinations
DescriptionExciting combinations that work, with some drawn from actual Savate fights I've had.

Interactive Savate Pad Rounds
Interactive Savate Pad RoundsThis video will improve your reactions and help adjust to fighting rhythm; it should feel like a 1-to-1 session between …To Do37
Using all parts of the shoe
Using all parts of the shoeTechnical class in which we go through all the different parts of the shoe that can be used as a …To Do40
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the 'Sea'
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the ‘Sea’39 minutes. Learn a scoring combination that works from distance and watch it in action in a Savate ring. A …To Do39
Balayage Combination 'Stirring the Coffee'
Balayage Combination ‘Stirring the Coffee’40 minute lesson. Learn an effective Savate combination taken from a real fight. Includes movement training, a punching combination, and …To Do40

CourseGreen Glove Preparation
DescriptionA short series of training sessions targeting key Green Glove skills on your own.

Green Glove SyllabusWorld Academy Green Glove Syllabus This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London Savate Monthly …
Green Glove CombinationsTo Do45Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Green Glove combinations and to create a resource to return to for …
Green Glove Training SessionTo Do43Technique 43 mins | Green Glove principles | Muscle relaxation | Warm-up | Simple techniques | Combinations | Assaut | …

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