Winning Combinations

CourseWinning Combinations
DescriptionExciting combinations that work, with some drawn from actual Savate fights I've had.
Interactive Savate Pad Rounds
Interactive Savate Pad RoundsThis video will improve your reactions and help adjust to fighting rhythm; it should feel like a 1-to-1 session between …To Do37
Using all parts of the shoe
Using all parts of the shoeTechnical class in which we go through all the different parts of the shoe that can be used as a …To Do40
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the 'Sea'
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the ‘Sea’39 minutes. Learn a scoring combination that works from distance and watch it in action in a Savate ring. A …To Do39
Balayage Combination 'Stirring the Coffee'
Balayage Combination ‘Stirring the Coffee’40 minute lesson. Learn an effective Savate combination taken from a real fight. Includes movement training, a punching combination, and …To Do40