First 5 classes

CourseFirst 5 classes
DescriptionA solid month of intro level Savate training sessions.
Your first Savate class
Your first Savate classTo Do281Welcome to your first online Savate class. 28 mins of technique and fitness.
Entry-Level Combinations
Entry-Level CombinationsTo Do365Today we are building the foundations of our combination using sequences of punches, kicks, defences, and feints. Available on London …
Balance and Movement
Balance and MovementTo Do262In this class we cover foot placement, arming and balancing between punches and kicks, with interval kick training to finish. …
Boxing and Conditioning
Boxing and ConditioningTo Do304Part boxing technique class, part workout – a chance to get your form right and work on speed, muscle tension, …
Kicking and Flexibility
Kicking and FlexibilityTo Do343The trajectory, form , and the best use-case for each legal Savate kick, plus how to get flexible with 3 …