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Footwork and Movement

Savate’s lateral movement can be used to outflank an opponent, create angles, and reply in complex situations. Don’t get touched and touch in reply in complex situations.

CourseIntroducing Décalage and Débordement
DescriptionGet started on your Red Glove lateral movement skills with these two steps.
Décalage Improvement Workout
Décalage Improvement WorkoutLet’s get moving – join me for 6 rounds of décalage training, following the Red Glove requirements. Available on London …To Do224
Décalage Improvement Ideas
Décalage Improvement IdeasMake yourself smoother, more efficient, effective, and sneakier stepping offline with these 8 tips. Available on London Savate World Academy …To Do52
How to smooth out your Débordement (footwork)
How to smooth out your Débordement (footwork)Helping you to understand débordement in a few different ways, with 3 boxing techniques and 2 kicking techniques you should …To Do51
Débordement Training Workout
Débordement Training Workout6 rounds to ensure you are training all sides and keeping your balance when outflanking an opponent. Watch the accompanying …To Do233
James Southwood Savate coach
Dec & Deb feedbackLet’s see what you learnt about déclaage and débordment so far. This content is available with London Savate World Academy …5

CourseLateral Movement Mastery
DescriptionTake your lateral movement understanding up a level. Footwork training drills, reactions, and workouts - kicking off with a masterclass to raise your understanding.

Lateral Step Reactions
Lateral Step ReactionsTest your lateral step (déc et déb) reactions against different attacks, and box against me …To Do36
video explosive step workout
Explosive Step Workout20 minutes designed to improve the speed and balance of your fast stepping. Available on …To Do24
Lateral Movement Masterclass
Lateral Movement MasterclassThis video will take your lateral movement understanding up a gear. Do you stay in …To Do3

CourseSharp Kicking
DescriptionLet's get our kicks up a level with these kicking lessons designed to stretch you.

Lateral / Frontal
Lateral / FrontalTo Do51Technique 51 mins | Longer warm-up with kicks | Blue Glove Direct + chassé combination | Red Glove 3-kick combination …
Higher Kicks
Higher KicksTo Do45Technique 45 mins | Warm-up | High fouetté | High revers lateral | High frontal kicks | 5-kick revision exercise …
Triple Kicks
Triple KicksTo Do5352 mins. Training for one of the most unique aspects of Savate – kicking without touching down. Develops core stability …
Stronger Chassé Workout
Stronger Chassé WorkoutTo Do2520 minutes of exercises designed to target your chassé. Available on London Savate World Academy Join Today
6 Rounds of Double Kicks
6 Rounds of Double KicksTo Do29A workout and technical training session that will improve your kicking balance and precision. Available on London Savate World Academy …
Question Mark Kick for Savate
Question Mark Kick for SavateTo Do383 different ways to adapt the question mark kick feint for Savate. A great way to misdirect an opponent. Here …
200-Kick Workout
200-Kick WorkoutTo Do23Following the popularity of the 100 kick workout last year, here is the sequel. A 20 minute workout that takes …
James Southwood Savate coach
Sharp kicking feedbackTime to show me how good your kicks have become. This content is available with London Savate World Academy online …

CourseDifferent Rhythm and Movement
DescriptionExciting set of some of my best movement training sessions.

Exits (NOT Pursued)
Exits (NOT Pursued)To Do369 rounds of possible exits to combinations. Savate judges are specifically trained, all other things being equal, to mark the …
Improving Off-Line Movement
Improving Off-Line MovementTo Do365 pairs of drills plus a free round designed to improve your feeling for moving off the axis. Available on …
9 Combinations for Understanding Rhythm
9 Combinations for Understanding RhythmTo Do33A set of combinations to practise with subtle changes of rhythm. Great material for polishing your technique and making your …
Off-Line Attacks
Off-Line AttacksTo Do35Starting attacks with a décalage (single step) to get off-line, great for avoiding replies and counters. Available on London Savate …
Renewed Attacks
Renewed AttacksTo Do3838 min Tactical class. Following up your attacks with another in order to put-off your opponent. We cover in-place; advancing; …
Long-Short-LongTo Do3839 mins. Changing range with each strike is an excellent way to confuse and attack an opponent. here we use …
Step and Punch: 10 boxing footwork drills
Step and Punch: 10 boxing footwork drillsTo Do2410 drills / 20 minutes training to improve your boxing game. To box well with your hands in Savate is …

CourseLockdown Stepping
DescriptionMoving forwards, around, and with your strikes. Footwork training series recorded during lockdown 2020

Step and punchAims To improve our motion forwards while punching. Contents Warm-up. Direct. Uppercut/hook. With débordement Freestyle. …To Do45
CroiséTechnique 48 mins | Warm-up | Chassé croisé | Revers croisé | Fouetté croisé | …To Do48
Changing AnglesTechnique 39 mins | Directs + change angle | Chassé + change angle | Turning …To Do39
Circular AttacksTechnique 36 mins | circular footwork | step punch | step kick | turn and …To Do36

CourseFocus on Footwork
DescriptionSavate footwork is unique and highly effective. 'Focus on Footwork' is a structured study: classes, explainers, fight footage, and drills.

Focus on Footwork

Footwork in actionTake your footwork further. Expert analysis of Savate fights illustrating principles of good footwork on display in the ring. 1. …To Do9
Making Angles: Stepping with Décalage.44 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to shift your line to beat an opponent using Savate’s Décalage. Includes …To Do44
Advancing and Retreating9 minute training clip. Make your forward and backwards movement work for you. Training advice, techniques and application of principles …To Do9
Décalage and Débordement in ActionCan you tell your décalage from your débordement and change line effectively on an opponent? 10 minutes of analysis of …To Do10
Leaving Axis with Débordement53 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to out-flank your opponent using Savate footwork (débordement). (1) Disrupt the line …To Do53
Lateral footwork feedbackTime to get feedback on your footwork. This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London …

CourseLockdown Lateral Footwork
DescriptionPractise your lateral movement with these lessons, recorded lockdown 2020.

Décalage + kickAims To find new angles for kicks using décalage and have a good leg workout. …To Do43
Débordement + PunchAims To move and punch better; to explore the sequence: débordement + punch, using 3 …To Do43
Débordement Inside-OutsideTechnique 47 mins | Warm-up | Poing-pied | Pied-poing | Pied-pied | Fitness and revision …To Do47
Dec et DebDécalage et Débordement Technique 42 mins | Footwork warm-up | Squat warm-up | Dec punch …To Do42
DébordementDébordement (out-flanking) – 9th April 2020. 40 mins | Débordement + punch | Débordement + …To Do40

CourseRed Glove Preparation
DescriptionClasses designed to help your Red Glove preparation.

Red Glove SyllabusWorld Academy Red Glove Syllabus This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London Savate Monthly …
Red Glove Focus DrillsTo Do44My top selection from the Savate Red Glove training syllabus – evade and counter your opponent by changing line using …
Red Glove CombinationsTo Do46Aims To train each of the GB syllabus Red Glove combinations and to create a resource to return to for …
Red Glove Training SessionTo Do43Technique 43 mins | Red Glove principles | Warm-up and muscle activation | Dec / Deb counters | Combinations | …

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