CourseFocus on Footwork
DescriptionSavate footwork is unique and highly effective. 'Focus on Footwork' is a structured study: classes, explainers, fight footage, and drills.

Focus on Footwork

Footwork in actionTake your footwork further. Expert analysis of Savate fights illustrating principles of good footwork on display in the ring. 1. …To Do9
Making Angles: Stepping with Décalage.44 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to shift your line to beat an opponent using Savate’s Décalage. Includes …To Do44
Advancing and Retreating9 minute training clip. Make your forward and backwards movement work for you. Training advice, techniques and application of principles …To Do9
Décalage and Débordement in ActionCan you tell your décalage from your débordement and change line effectively on an opponent? 10 minutes of analysis of …To Do10
Leaving Axis with Débordement53 minute class. Focus on Footwork. Learn how to out-flank your opponent using Savate footwork (débordement). (1) Disrupt the line …To Do53
Lateral footwork feedbackTime to get feedback on your footwork. This content is available with London Savate World Academy online training or London …