Introducing Décalage and Débordement

CourseIntroducing Décalage and Débordement
DescriptionGet started on your Red Glove lateral movement skills with these two steps.
Décalage Improvement Workout
Décalage Improvement WorkoutLet’s get moving – join me for 6 rounds of décalage training, following the Red Glove requirements. Available on London …To Do224
Décalage Improvement Ideas
Décalage Improvement IdeasMake yourself smoother, more efficient, effective, and sneakier stepping offline with these 8 tips. Available on London Savate World Academy …To Do52
How to smooth out your Débordement (footwork)
How to smooth out your Débordement (footwork)Helping you to understand débordement in a few different ways, with 3 boxing techniques and 2 kicking techniques you should …To Do51
Débordement Training Workout
Débordement Training Workout6 rounds to ensure you are training all sides and keeping your balance when outflanking an opponent. Watch the accompanying …To Do233
James Southwood Savate coach
Dec & Deb feedbackLet’s see what you learnt about déclaage and débordment so far. This content is available with London Savate World Academy …5