Lockdown Lateral Footwork

CourseLockdown Lateral Footwork
DescriptionPractise your lateral movement with these lessons, recorded lockdown 2020.
Décalage + kickAims To find new angles for kicks using décalage and have a good leg workout. …To Do43
Débordement + PunchAims To move and punch better; to explore the sequence: débordement + punch, using 3 …To Do43
Débordement Inside-OutsideTechnique 47 mins | Warm-up | Poing-pied | Pied-poing | Pied-pied | Fitness and revision …To Do47
Dec et DebDécalage et Débordement Technique 42 mins | Footwork warm-up | Squat warm-up | Dec punch …To Do42
DébordementDébordement (out-flanking) – 9th April 2020. 40 mins | Débordement + punch | Débordement + …To Do40