Higher Grades

For White Glove (Anticipation), Yellow Glove (Perturbing, Mastery), and Silver (Expertise) there are limited methods for training and learning if you are working out solo. For these grades you must enagage with a partner for the training. The syllabus for these grades as online examinations is under development. Message me for opportunities

Here are some introductions to the sort of practice that can be done.

White Glove Training Session
White Glove Training SessionTechnique White Glove principles | Warm-up and kick preparation | Anticipation technique | Combinations | …To Do40
Yellow Glove
Yellow GloveTechnique 40 mins | Yellow Glove principles | Feint Combination 1 | Feint Combination 2 …To Do40
Intro to Silver Glove
Intro to Silver GloveTechnique 41 mins | Silver Glove Intro| Footwork Warm-up | Punch Combination | Kick-Punch Combination …To Do41
Try these Silver Glove Combinations
Try these Silver Glove CombinationsFrom the GAT2 syllabus I have chosen 4 combinations: punch, punch-kick-punch, kick-punch-kick and kick to …To Do35