Savate tactical training

CourseSavate tactical training
DescriptionLesons that get you to think about tatics and help you develop a world class Savate game
Savate Jab Candidates
Savate Jab CandidatesHaving a jab is an important part of your weaponry when you spar or try …To Do26
7 Savate Sparring Tactics you should be training
7 Savate Sparring Tactics you should be training7 ideas to take control of sparring situations, win exchanges, and deal with any type …To Do7
How Tactics Help Win Exchanges
How Tactics Help Win ExchangesWatching a fight (European Championships, 2021) and asking what tactics are and how to create …To Do9
Jab Tactics in action
Jab Tactics in actionExplore several different uses of the jab in a Savate ring. Irish Open 2015. James …To Do
Jab Tactics
Jab Tactics3 ways to use the jab tactically in Savate, French boxing. The jab (direct avant) …To Do35
Baiting and Drawing
Baiting and DrawingHow to set up your preferred replies. Here we break down the Yellow Glove skill …To Do39
3 Set-ups in Savate
3 Set-ups in Savate50 minute lesson. Can you tell the difference between a set-up and a scoring strike? …To Do50
Fight Analysis 101Aim To introduce a few fight analysis ideas and explore how we might think as …To Do28
FeintingAim To practise and reinforce some of the main ways of feinting, thinking about how …To Do45