• Classes suspended.

    London Savate training goes virtual until further notice . Follow us online to keep in shape, ready to resume when it is possible.
  • Safety Notice.

    Safety when training alone. Classes normally take place in the presence of someone experienced at maintaining safety. Online, this is your responsibility. Check that you are physically well enough to train. Stop if you feel unwell. Take a look around and remove any hazards or obstacles. Ensure the space is large enough to move around in. Have someone to contact if you need.

London Savate International Open 2020

Update March 2020: Event Suspended/Postponed.

If it is possible to run an Open later in 2020, I will. Even if the shutdown ends by June, I don’t imagine many athletes will be able to train appropriately or plan travel in advance. Thanks for your support and I hope to see you soon.


  • Date: Saturday 13th June 2020
  • Location: London Nautical School, 61 Stamford Street, SE1 9NA.
  • Registration. Either (A) as club team or (B) as individual athlete, below.
  • Level: Assaut. Beginner to advanced.
  • Ages: Senior and veteran (18 years +). Clubs wishing to forward junior athletes should contact the organiser.
  • Organiser: London Savate.


    Clubs are encouraged to bring judges and referees. Please contact us to submit names.


    Spectators welcome. Details to follow.

Provisional Timetable.

  • 10h00 Hall opens.
  • 11h00 First assaut.
  • 17h00 Last assaut.
  • 18h00 Finish.
  • 19h00 Party on the Southbank.


🚄 Waterloo | London Bridge | Blackfriars train station. (5-10 minutes walk).
🚇 Southwark underground station. Contactless cards work on the London underground.
🚆 Eurostar St Pancras. (20-30 minutes).
✈ Gatwick Airport (60 minutes). Heathrow Airport (60 minutes).


We regret we do not have the resources to organise accommodation for attendees.


If you have to withdraw your registration, please tell us ASAP. Athlete withdrawals made less than 48 hours before the event are incredibly disruptive and difficult to respond to.

Important information for athletes and coaches:

1. Participation.
– Athletes need to be registered in advance.
– To cover costs, there is a participation fee of £20 which must be paid before the organiser will arrange matches for athletes.

2. Form of bouts.
– Bouts will be held under Savate Assaut international rules as given by FISav.
– The decision of the DO in any matter regarding the progress of bouts is final.
– Bouts will consist of 3 x 1.5 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest.
– All bouts will take place on mats.

3. Equipment.
– Athletes will undergo a kit check before each bout. FISav regulations will be used.
– Safe and appropriate boots.
– Gloves of appropriate weight
– Mandatory protection: gum shield, shin guards, groin guard, chest guard (female).
– Safe and appropriate clothing.

4. Medical and safety.
– Athletes should complete a medical check in their country or club or origin.
– We recommend you consult a doctor or physician if you are in any doubt as to your medical suitability for the event.
– Whilst this is an Assaut competition, injuries do happen and while the organiser takes every care to reduce this risk, be aware that this is a contact sport. Please respect all the safety advice given by officials and marshals on the day.
– Travel and medical insurance is the responsibility of each athlete.
– Athletes should be aware of Anti-Doping regulations and the list of banned substances: www.wada-ama.org


This year there are two options for registering – either (A) as a club team, or (B) as an individual athlete.

(A) Club Managers should email open2020@londonsavate.co.uk giving
Name | Age | Level | Weight
for each athlete on their team. An invoice for £20 per athlete will be issued.

(B) Individual Athletes should complete the form below and pay the £20 registration fee directly.

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