• Classes suspended.

    London Savate training goes virtual until further notice . Follow us online to keep in shape, ready to resume when it is possible.
  • Safety Notice.

    Safety when training alone. Classes normally take place in the presence of someone experienced at maintaining safety. Online, this is your responsibility. Check that you are physically well enough to train. Stop if you feel unwell. Take a look around and remove any hazards or obstacles. Ensure the space is large enough to move around in. Have someone to contact if you need.

Please read before cancelling membership

Dear Member,

The coronavirus shutdown is affecting everyone. I hope all our members are staying safe, can care for loved ones, and have a measure of security in their income during this period.

Our classes are suspended until further notice, with all training going virtual. I am creating a load of virtual training opportunities for you. If you feel you can support me, I would love it if you could keep your membership running, in whole or in part, across this period

If you need to stop your payments, please contact me first instead of cancelling. (07950456307 or via this form). I will simply suspend your membership payments until the shutdown has finished. This is far preferable to losing you as a member, and you can decide what to do when the shutdown is over. If you find you can support a reduced membership payment during this time, we can agree one that suits us both.

If everyone cancels I will be without income and without a club, and there may be no training to come back to. If you need the money more than me, we will suspend your payments. If you can afford a reduced or full support, that would be appreciated and I will do all I can for you while we do not have access to physical classes.

With best sporting wishes,


James Southwood
Head Coach, London Savate

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