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London Savate World Academy Online Membership

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£19.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

Your complete online Savate training programme. London Savate World Academy membership. Full access to the training library, virtual coaching from former World Champion James Southwood, and a new video every Monday.

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Join students around the world who learn Savate by following our courses online. Even if you have never done Savate or do not live near a Savate centre, you can develop a world-class game on the London Savate World Academy.

  • I love training, competing, and teaching in Savate and I am looking forward to being your coach. With over 20 years experience, I am still an active competitor and am always learning new things, as well having a wealth of tried-and-tested techniques, ideas, and classes to show you.
  • Learning never stops. With access to the Academy library of over 100 videos, you will never be stuck for a class. Get a new video each Monday, or select from our catalogue of lessons covering Savate technique, tactics, punching, kicking, movement, defence etc. Follow along, get a workout, and improve each time.
  • I am here for you as virtual coach, not just a video presenter. World Academy membership comes with one 30 minute coaching call per month. You can even submit a short video of your technique and get feedback for what to work on next.


“It has been the continuous support around the videos which has made it all come together. The ability to submit shadow boxing and sparing videos for analysis, where James has helped me diagnose my weaknesses and identify my strengths. This being followed up with regular video calling where he guided me through the development of a personalised training plan to capitalise on my strengths”. Martin O’Malley, President, Savate Ireland.

As both coach and students, we have rediscovered our enthusiasm as a club. London Savate has been for us quite a tonic for a long malaise. We are all looking forward to new era for our club with your program. Patrick, USA.

If you are in search of a clear, concise path to learn the art of Savate, then you have struck gold. I have digested numerous books and more than a few DVDs on the subject. I can honestly say that this course goes beyond anything that I have encountered to date, a full program both technically sound and physically measured, led by a true ambassador of the art of Savate. A superb initiative at a very trying time. Thank You James. Mat, South Africa.

I have been working with James through the online World Academy and it has definitely made a huge difference in my training. The video classes are excellent in terms of the quality of the presentation but equally they are full of excellent information, breaking down the technique and associated footwork which makes it work. I am delighted that I chose to join the World Academy and I would recommend it to everyone to get involved with the Academy and with James. Martin O’Malley, President, Savate Ireland.

This is the free sample World Academy library

Over 100 entries in the members’ version!

Your first Savate class01 Apr 202028Lessonslessons online-academybeginners
Short Explainer – Chassé02 May 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academybeginners
Fouetté02 Jun 202043Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class

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2 reviews for London Savate World Academy Online Membership

  1. delphine F

    London savate world academy is really great! New tips every week to get better at savate, or simply enjoy the fun of exercising, with a coach always there when needed.

  2. carl.michael.lewis

    Great resource or content for savate, huge backlog of lessons with new ones coming every week.

    I’m really enjoy the lessons that are based on breakdowns of techniques that have been used in savate competitions.

    Really worth checking out

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