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£19.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

London Savate World Academy membership. Your online Savate training academy. Full access to the training library, virtual coaching from former World Champion James Southwood, and new videos every month. Start your completely free trial today!

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Develop a world-class Savate game.

Even if you have never done Savate or do not live near a Savate centre, you can learn online with us from anywhere.

What you get as a member:

  • Regular training. A training plan in your inbox with week-by-week Savate videos delivered personally by former World Champion James Southwood.
  • Access to our library with over 150 on-demand Savate lessons and workouts to do any time.
  • Structured courses to develop your Savate footwork, fitness, defences, flexibility, etc.
  • Exclusive new content. Lessons, workouts, masterclasses added every month.
  • Newsletter with training ideas, events, tips, and updates.

Recent classes:

Lateral Movement Mastery01 Aug 2021Coursescourses online-academyfootwork-class
Lateral Step Reactions01 Aug 202136Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Explosive Step Workout01 Aug 202124Workoutsworkouts online-academyfootwork-class
Lateral Movement Masterclass01 Aug 20213Analysisanalysis online-academyfootwork-class
100 Squats26 Jul 202122Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Using all parts of the shoe19 Jul 202140Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Stability Workout12 Jul 202122Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Entry-Level Combinations05 Jul 202136Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners combinations
Changing Heights28 Jun 202135Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
200-Kick Workout21 Jun 202123Workoutsworkouts online-academykicking-class
Using Both Legs14 Jun 202138Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations kicking-class
Question Mark Kick for Savate07 Jun 202138Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Evading Low Kicks31 May 202138Lessons, lessons online-academydefences-class footwork-class
Décalage + Débordement Workout24 May 202129Workoutsworkouts online-academyfootwork-class
Uppercut Counters17 May 202142Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
Tick-Tock10 May 202130Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations shadowboxing
6 Rounds of Double Kicks03 May 202129Lessonslessons online-academy
Stronger Chassé Workout26 Apr 202125Workoutsworkouts online-academykicking-class
Renewed Attacks19 Apr 202138Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations tactics-class
Baiting and Drawing12 Apr 202139Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Revers Frontal05 Apr 202141Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
20min Kick Strength Workout29 Mar 202125Workoutsworkouts online-academykicking-class
Long-Short-Long22 Mar 202138Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Grading Skills Workshop15 Mar 202139Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Double Leads08 Mar 202144Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Triple Kicks01 Mar 202153Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Punches ‘n’ Crunches 20min workout22 Feb 202124Workoutsworkouts online-academyboxing-class
5-Strike Combinations15 Feb 202143Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Red Glove Focus Drills08 Feb 202144Lessons, lessons online-academyfootwork-class grading-class
Step and Punch: 10 boxing footwork drills01 Feb 202124Workouts, workouts online-academyboxing-class footwork-class
Counterattack the Coach25 Jan 202148Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
21-Piece Technical Workout18 Jan 202125Workoutsworkouts online-academycombinations
3 Smart Blue Glove Moves11 Jan 202139Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Scoring Combination: Bottom of the ‘Sea’04 Jan 202139Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations kicking-class
World Academy 100-kick workout28 Dec 202027Workouts, workouts online-academybeginners kicking-class
9 Round Shadowboxing Workout21 Dec 202035Workoutsworkouts online-academyshadowboxing
20 Minutes of Footwork (Leg Strength) Drills14 Dec 202029Workoutsworkouts online-academyfootwork-class
3 Set-ups in Savate07 Dec 202050Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Balayage Combination ‘Stirring the Coffee’30 Nov 202040Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations kicking-class
Hitting the High Notes – Savate Kick Flexibility06 Nov 2020Courses, courses online-academyflexibility kicking-class
Sofa to Savate | Fitness Test26 Oct 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Sofa to Savate | Touch – Don’t Get Touched19 Oct 202041Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners defences-class
Sofa to Savate | Kicking up to Waist Height12 Oct 202023Lessons, lessons online-academyflexibility kicking-class
Sofa to Savate | Discovering Boxing for Savate12 Oct 202031Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners boxing-class
Sofa to Savate | 5 Golden Rules of Savate05 Oct 20205Talks, talks online-academybeginners tactics-class
Sofa to Savate | Don’t Get Touched – Principles of Organisation05 Oct 202028Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners defences-class
Sofa to Savate01 Oct 2020Coursescourses online-academybeginners
Sofa to Savate | Introducing Savate01 Oct 20206Talkstalks online-academybeginners
Leaving Axis with Débordement28 Sep 202053Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Décalage and Débordement in Action24 Sep 202010Analysisanalysis online-academyfootwork-class
Advancing and Retreating21 Sep 20209Technical Clipsclips online-academyfootwork-class
Making Angles: Stepping with Décalage.14 Sep 202044Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Footwork in action10 Sep 20209Analysis, analysis online-academyfootwork-class tactics-class
What to do with your feet:07 Sep 202010Technical Clips, clips online-academybeginners footwork-class
Focus on Footwork01 Sep 2020Coursescourses online-academyfootwork-class
Common Escapes31 Aug 202047Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners defences-class
Common Defences24 Aug 202043Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners defences-class
Chassé Fundamentals20 Aug 202045Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners kicking-class
Fight Analysis Workout: Multiple Kicks17 Aug 20206Analysis, analysis online-academykicking-class tactics-class
Using hooks13 Aug 202045Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
Décalage + kick11 Aug 202043Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Revers Combinations10 Aug 202043Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations kicking-class
Foot Placement06 Aug 202044Lessons, lessons online-academybeginners footwork-class
Chassé Frontal04 Aug 202043Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Hill Sprints04 Aug 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academycardio
Débordement + Punch03 Aug 202043Lessons, lessons online-academyboxing-class footwork-class
Doubles30 Jul 202043Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Parade bloquée28 Jul 202044Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Slipping Punches27 Jul 202042Lessons, lessons online-academyboxing-class defences-class
Punches ‘n’ Crunches27 Jul 2020Workouts, workouts online-academyabdominals boxing-class
Attack Variety23 Jul 202044Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Turning kicks21 Jul 202044Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Dynamic / Explosive Bodyweight Workout21 Jul 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Obliques Workout21 Jul 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyabdominals
Step and punch20 Jul 202045Lessons, lessons online-academyboxing-class footwork-class
Red Glove Combinations16 Jul 202046Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Time Under Tension Workout16 Jul 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Green Glove Combinations14 Jul 202045Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Blue Glove Combinations13 Jul 202044Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Low kicks09 Jul 202047Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Lateral Movement07 Jul 202044Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Head Movement06 Jul 202047Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Grading Practice02 Jul 202016Talkstalks online-academygrading-class
Chassé Combinations30 Jun 202040Lessons, lessons online-academycombinations kicking-class
Fight Analysis 10129 Jun 202028Talkstalks online-academytactics-class
Feinting25 Jun 202045Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Pied-Poing23 Jun 202046Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Croisé22 Jun 202048Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Chassé d’Arrêt18 Jun 202048Lessons, lessons online-academydefences-class kicking-class
Poing-Pied16 Jun 202046Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
6 rounds muscle engagement16 Jun 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
1s and 3s15 Jun 202045Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Tactical Imagery15 Jun 2020Documentsdocuments online-academytactics-class
Higher Kicks11 Jun 202045Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Boxing Combinations09 Jun 202045Lessons, lessons online-academyboxing-class combinations
Plank climber workout09 Jun 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
In-Line Escapes08 Jun 202043Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Débordement Inside-Outside04 Jun 202047Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Fouetté02 Jun 202043Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Parade Chassé01 Jun 202048Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Lateral / Frontal28 May 202051Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Changing Angles26 May 202039Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Directs25 May 202043Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
1000 reps22 May 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Intro to Silver Glove21 May 202041Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Front-Loaded shadowboxing21 May 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyshadowboxing
Yellow Glove19 May 202040Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
White Glove18 May 202040Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Red Glove14 May 202043Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Green Glove12 May 202043Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Blue Glove11 May 202039Lessonslessons online-academygrading-class
Workout – kick control10 May 20207Workouts, workouts online-academyflexibility kicking-class
Dec et Deb07 May 202042Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Jab05 May 202041Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
Mountain Climber Workout05 May 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Unpredictability04 May 202047Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Grading Themes03 May 2020Documentsdocuments online-academygrading-class
Short Explainer – Revers02 May 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academy
Short Explainer – Coup de Pied Bas02 May 20201Technical Clipsclips online-academybeginners
Short Explainer – Chassé02 May 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academybeginners
Short Explainer – Fouetté02 May 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academybeginners
Savate Grading Syllabus (GB)01 May 2020Documentsdocuments online-academygrading-class
Deck of cards workout01 May 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Forwards/Backwards30 Apr 202028Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Workout – calves30 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Coup de Pied Bas28 Apr 202037Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Isometric Stretching28 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyflexibility
Rhythm27 Apr 202045Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Abs/Oblique workout27 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyabdominals
Shoulder burn workout27 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Circular Attacks23 Apr 202036Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Plank workouts23 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Bodyweight exercises22 Apr 2020Exercisesexercises online-academy
Shadowboxing22 Apr 2020Exercisesexercises online-academy
Uppercut21 Apr 202026Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
100 Squat Workout20 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Long-Short Shadowboxing20 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyshadowboxing
Uppercut Tabata20 Apr 2020Workouts, workouts online-academyboxing-class cardio
Revers20 Apr 202037Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
6-week cardio improvement plan20 Apr 2020Fitness Plansfitness_plans online-academy
Cardio Burst17 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Punctuated Shadowboxing17 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academyshadowboxing
Bodyweight Dynamic/Static17 Apr 2020Workoutsworkouts online-academy
Answered: how do I breathe properly when boxing?17 Apr 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academytactics-class
Running16 Apr 2020Exercisesexercises online-academy
Escapes16 Apr 202039Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Intervals14 Apr 202055Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Double Kicks13 Apr 202045Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Answered: how do I throw a power punch when moving?10 Apr 20202Technical Clipsclips online-academyboxing-class
Débordement09 Apr 202040Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Answered: how do I improve my shadowboxing?08 Apr 20203Technical Clipsclips online-academyshadowboxing
Crochet07 Apr 202037Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
Answered: Pivot vs Débordement07 Apr 20201Technical Clipsclips online-academyfootwork-class
Chassé06 Apr 202040Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Decalage02 Apr 202042Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Savate Terminology02 Apr 2020Documentsdocuments online-academybeginners
Your first Savate class01 Apr 202028Lessonslessons online-academybeginners
Boxing for Savate31 Mar 202042Lessonslessons online-academyboxing-class
Variety30 Mar 202032Lessonslessons online-academytactics-class
Parades26 Mar 202046Lessonslessons online-academydefences-class
Savate Combinations24 Mar 202035Lessonslessons online-academycombinations
Multiple Kicks23 Mar 202041Lessonslessons online-academykicking-class
Angles19 Mar 202039Lessonslessons online-academyfootwork-class
Fighter prep: 8-10 week plan04 Dec 2019Fitness Plansfitness_plans online-academy

What people are saying:

“It has been the continuous support around the videos which has made it all come together. The ability to submit shadow boxing and sparing videos for analysis, where James has helped me diagnose my weaknesses and identify my strengths. This being followed up with regular video calling where he guided me through the development of a personalised training plan to capitalise on my strengths”. Martin O’Malley, President, Savate Ireland.

As both coach and students, we have rediscovered our enthusiasm as a club. London Savate has been for us quite a tonic for a long malaise. We are all looking forward to new era for our club with your program. Patrick, USA.

If you are in search of a clear, concise path to learn the art of Savate, then you have struck gold. I have digested numerous books and more than a few DVDs on the subject. I can honestly say that this course goes beyond anything that I have encountered to date, a full program both technically sound and physically measured, led by a true ambassador of the art of Savate. A superb initiative at a very trying time. Thank You James. Mat, South Africa.

2 reviews for London Savate World Academy Online Membership

  1. delphine F

    London savate world academy is really great! New tips every week to get better at savate, or simply enjoy the fun of exercising, with a coach always there when needed.

  2. carl.michael.lewis

    Great resource or content for savate, huge backlog of lessons with new ones coming every week.

    I’m really enjoy the lessons that are based on breakdowns of techniques that have been used in savate competitions.

    Really worth checking out

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