Report: V Budapest Savate Open – 28 January 2017

By Ally Sinyard.

This trip was a solid good’n.

Of course I didn’t win my fight like a real Hollywood underdog. She absolutely trounced me and it was a pleasure because only in this sport can you travel to different and exciting countries, step into the ring with world-class athletes and learn absolutely loads without getting your face routinely caved in.

And that’s not all that I love about these trips: you can cheer on your team mates as they walk away with gold and silver medals after taking emergency naps five minutes before their fights. You can make dozens of new friends from all over the world that you’re pretty confident you’d never have encountered otherwise. You can hear sensational and scandalous stories from previous international trips over dinner that same evening at a local jazz bar, then head out to a local ruin bar and make new “you just had to be there” stories of your own.

You can be the coldest you’ve ever been as you walk past a frozen River Danube at 2am in -8c weather, then feel like it was just a dream when hanging out in the incredible thermal baths the next morning. You can accidentally join a group screening of a veganism documentary in the back room of some vague restaurant while, not two hours earlier, the local tour guide told you that Hungarians eat more sausages than anyone else in the world. You can fly out on a Friday afternoon and be at your desk on Monday morning wondering what the hell really did just happen.

If you’ve ever considered coming on one of these international Savate trips, but backed out at the last minute because you didn’t feel like you were ready yet, just remember – you’re never really ‘ready’. The first fight is always the scariest. And then it gets a little bit addictive.

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