Savate Boots | What to wear?

Savate Live boxing shoes

The importance of a good pair of Savate boots.

Savate boots are the most important item in your kit bag. Safe, comfortable boots are essential for effective training. Savate literally means ‘old shoe’ and appropriate footwear is required for every class. Boots cannot have too much tread, metal eyelets, or sharp edges, as these would be unsafe when working with a partner. Likewise, they cannot be worn outside, making the soles unhygienic.

What should I get?

Savate boots are hard to get hold of, so boxing boots or wrestling boots are the most acceptable alternative for club training. Please hold off buying anything before you start, however. Best to save your money until you have trained a few times and know what will work.

For your first class.

  • Use sports shoes or trainers. The cleaner and smoother, the better.
  • Tennis shoes, squash shoes, boxing boots, or basketball shoes would be better than running shoes.
  • They must have no metal eyelets.
  • They cannot have much tread.
  • If they have ever been worn outside, please wash the soles under the tap with washing up liquid before training

You may be refused access to training on safety grounds if our instructors believe your shoes are not appropriate. NB You cannot train barefoot

This is not meant to put you off or sound imposing. The safety and hygiene of our participants is paramount. Using the guidelines above, we feel this shouldn’t be too difficult. But do message or contact us in advance if you are having trouble.

We will help you find the right Savate boots once you have settled in. They will become your best friends and fighting companions in due course.