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Tournaments, events, championships, and meetings are a great way to interact with other Savate practitioners, to travel, and test what you have been learning.

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Types of Savate competition

London Savate trains for, and competes in, many competitions across Europe each season. We have produced several British champions, one European Champion, and one World Champion, in addition to winning medals at club level events. View our events calendar for Savate competitions coming up.


Assaut has unique rules which literally require strikes to be delivered ‘without force’ (sans puissance). This requires high levels of control and requires you to win by invention, strategy, tactics, and fitness, rather than by brute force. Studying Assaut gives athletes the chance at a longer fighting career. 3-5 ringside judges award points for clear, well-formed Savate technique that touches the opponent. Bouts are 3-5 rounds of 1.5 to 2 minutes long, with a minute’s rest.


In Combat fighters seek to damage or KO the opponent using full-contact technique. Superior conditioning and strength define a successful Combat athlete. Bouts may be held at championships, galas, or other events.

Duo / Demonstration.

Some Savate competitions will include a Duo – or paired demonstration – category, in which twp participants co-operate to produce the most pleasing and technically comeptent display.

Canne de Combat.

Canne de Combat Savate competitors try to touch defined targets with a high speed cane strikes, strictly regulated.

Savate rules.

The Federation International (FISav) maintains the Rules of Savate and the Arbitrage (refereeing) Rules (French language, external links).

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