Savate gradings encourage students to understand the different phases of a fight. Each Glove rank concentrates on a particular sequence which teaches awareness in a sparring situation. This allows students to master each phase of boxing an opponent as their confidence and skill grows.

Even though progression is denoted by ‘gloves’, we do not actually wear gloves of the colour that corresponds with the grade, (although fighters may wear coloured patches).


I touch and I am not touched in reply.


I am not touched and touch in reply.


I am not touched and reply on a different line


I touch before being touched.


I create the opportunity to touch.



How do gradings work in Savate?

In a Savate grading students are paired and an examiner will set a series of technical drills. This will include strikes, defences, footwork and combinations, themed and free sparring from the syllabus. Assaut (sparring) is included in every grade, reflecting the importance of applying the techniques at real speed.