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Touch-contact Savate kickboxing training sessions for women and men.

MON/THU 19:15-20:45

Elegant Kickboxing

In Savate Assaut we box using invention, angles, and timing, rather than just try and beat each other up. If you’d like to learn a fight sport but would prefer not to turn up to work the next day with a black eye, then you might enjoy it.


Savate training covers cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility . Simply doing a 90 minute class 1-2x per week will quickly improve your overall fitness.


If you want to spar or get into the ring at some point, we will help you learn the confidence and develop the skills to do that.


Our classes aim to be fun! It is fun to move your body, learn new skills, and discover what you are capable of in a playful environment


You’ll meet like-minded people and kick them in the head (the start of a beautiful friendship)