Training terms and conditions

These terms and conditions can be reviewed at training terms and conditions under your dashboard.

1.0.2 updated Nov 2020.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks

For Remote & Online Learning

I am undertaking the assumption of risk in relation to my wishes to participate within an online class or seminar, or to use online material provided by London Savate.

I confirm that I understand in full that any activity in which I participate will carry inherent risks associated with any practice within fighting arts. Furthermore, I understand that learning via a remote training basis will limit my instructor(s) and/or clubs ability to monitor and supervise as fully as might usually be expected if learning in person. I understand that my instructor(s) and/or club can not be held liable for injury or harm that occurs to me whilst I am practising remotely. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my training area is clear of hazards and obstacles, and that I am in good health to complete the training without direct supervision.

I confirm that I understand the nature of the activity in which I am about to participate, and appreciate that any practice of combat, self defence or martial art usually includes a degree of fitness training. I can agree that I am fit to participate and agree to assume all risks associated with the above, hereby withdrawing any liability from the named club, instructors, association or other relevant parties.

Should I be unclear on any risks involved, or not feel comfortable releasing the above named from all positions of liability, I will not agree to this assumption of risk and will instead raise my query with the coaches. Please take my acceptance of these terms as assumption of all risks involved, as stated within this document.

Class safety.
• Remove or tape-up jewellery and piercings before training.
• Train in clean, hygienic kit at all times.
• Complete a medical form on arrival.
• Train safely and listen to instructions.

What to bring to class.
• Safe, clean, appropriate indoor sports shoes. NO bare feet or outdoor shoes. Please read our page on boots.
• Sports clothing. T-shirt and tracksuit are fine.
• Boxing gloves. You can borrow club gloves and wraps when starting.
• Gum shield. If you have one. You can purchase one at the club.
• Water bottle.

Monthly Memberships.
• Full Membership includes access to all London Savate timetabled classes, but we reserve the need to restrict entry for reasons of safety or space.
• Light Membership entitles you to 1x class per week, or 5x per month max. Classes cannot be carried over between months.
• You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel membership from your dashboard.
• Automated payments are created 5-7 days before the due date and cannot be cancelled after that time.
• All members are required to pay for a licence with the Great Britain Savate Federation.

Pay as you go bundles.
• Demi – 5 classes – 6 month expiry.
• Carnet – 10 classes – 12 month expiry.
• Double – 20 classes – 18 month expiry.
No refunds are offered for unused classes.
NB Please make sure you check-in at the start of the class to use your bundle credits.

Kit purchases.
• Physical items are for collection in class in person only.