Last update: October 2023.

  1. Overview.
  2. Understanding the risks of combat sport and fitness training.
  3. Safeguarding policy
  4. Online training safety.
  5. Class training terms.
    1. Bullying and harassment
    2. Class safety
    3. Photography consent
    4. Covid-19
  6. Medical fitness.
    1. Fitness to train
    2. Talk to a GP first.
  7. Training equipment.
  8. Payments, memberships, and cancellations.
    1. Class booking terms.
    2. Payments and refunds.
    3. Membership.

1. Overview.

We value everyone’s safety and good experience – whether they are beginners, students, competitors, coaches, venue providers, officials, or spectators. Please help us to create a safe and enjoyable training environment for all. Anyone who breaks or routinely flouts any of the rules below may be asked to stop training or, in extremis, to leave the club. If you are unsure about any of the following, please talk to your instructor.

2. Understanding the risks of combat sport and fitness training.

Training within our club whether in-person or online is done entirely at your own risk. We do all we can to protect you but injuries can from time to time occur. You agree to undertake training at your own risk and must make reasonable arrangements by your own accord should you require insurance for personal accident or liability.

By agreeing to these terms you affirm that you understand the nature of the activity and appreciate that any practice of combat sport – including online – usually includes a degree of fitness training. You agree to assume all risks associated with the above, hereby withdrawing any liability from the named club, instructors, association or other relevant parties.

3. Safeguarding

The instructors at London Savate believe that everyone we come into contact with – regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin – has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. London Savate is committed to ensuring the effective prevention, reporting and response to any safeguarding concerns raised or detected. London Savate follows national frameworks of the Great Britain Savate Federation (GBSF) and the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association. (BMABA).

Read our Safeguarding Policy

4. Online training safety.

When participating in online training, you confirm you understand in full that learning remotely will limit the instructor’s ability to monitor and supervise as fully as might usually be expected if learning in person. Before and during each training session, run a risk assessment to check, for example, that • Your training area is free from hazards (eg. trip, slip, or sharp objects). • You are no danger to the people and valuables around you. • You feel physically well enough to train. • Identify injuries in advance and avoid training over them. • Complete the recommended warm-up before training. • If you feel unwell, stop and assess, or seek assistance. • Respect your level and do not attempt exercises for which you are not ready. • Use common sense at all times.•

5 Class training terms.

5.1 Bullying and harassment.

We are keen to create a safe, enjoyable space where everyone is free and able to learn Savate without harassment or intimidation. Our club operates a zero tolerance on bullying or any such harassment during or outside of training.

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, regardless of their gender, age, race, health status, national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or religion.

5.2 Class safety.

Safety is our first priority. Your instructor is there to keep you safe and help you learn. Please show respect and listen carefully to instructions when given, as they are for your own protection. If you have any concerns over your safety or the safety of anyone else, please alert an instructor immediately.

5.3 Photography Consent.

We record photos/videos of training and occasionally share to social media and our website. By acepting these terms you consent to be included in photography, and for it to be used as described. If you wish NOT to be included in photogrqaphy, please write to us.

5.4 Covid-19.

COVID-19 transmission cannot be eliminated entirely and martial arts training, by its nature, carries a higher risk than many other activities. • Before deciding to train you must consider whether it is appropriate for you, including careful consideration of your own vulnerability and the risk you pose to those around you. • You should not attend if you have Covid-19 or flu-like symptoms, a positive test result, or recent close contact with either. • Please follow the hygiene and sanitisation procedures given in class and inform us if you later experience symptoms following training.

6. Medical Fitness.

6.1 Fitness to train.

By agreeing to these terms you declare you believe you are medically fit to participate. Please provide medical info when requested to let us know anything that might heighten your risk of injury or harm when undertaking different exercises and drills, including, but not limited to: heart conditions, epilepsy, injuries, broken bones, recent surgery, medication, allergies. This will be stored in the utmost of confidence. Should the worst happen and an injury occur, it is essential the instructor is aware of any underlying medical conditions, medication, or injuries that might have contributed to, or caused an incident. 

6.2 Talk to a GP.

Please talk with your GP before training with us if you have any concerns or any medical conditions past or present to ensure it is safe to proceed.

7. Training equipment.

Students are responsible for bringing their own kit in good, hygienic condition. Incorrect, missing, or unsafe kit may result in training being withheld. The instructor’s judgement is final as to what equipment is permitted.

  • Clean indoor sport shoes. Trainers or other sports shoes are fine for your first class if they are not jagged and have been cleaned. (Please don’t walk here in them)
  • Clean sports clothing. Avoid zips / snags / baggy clothing as much as possible.
  • Sports bra recommended for women
  • Boxing gloves and wraps in good condition. (Can be borrowed if requested).
  • Gum shield for touch-contact training.
  • Groin guard (required for men when sparring).
  • Optional but recommended: shin guards.
  • Your own water bottle.

8. Payments, memberships, and cancellations.

8.1 Class booking terms.

Please let us know with as much notice as possible if you can no longer make it. • If you cancel with more than 24hrs notice you can write to us to transfer your booking to another session. • No refunds or transfers for late cancellations. • If you have COVID symptoms, or close contact with symptoms or a positive case, please do not attend, but write to us straight away, and we will hold your booking until you can train again.. • If we cancel for any reason you will get a credit or refund. • Please show respect by being on time. We may refuse entry if you are over 15min late.

8.2 Payments and refunds.

Payments for classes, monthly memberships, club membership, and online training are non-transferable and non-refundable. Monthly training is paid by recurring subscription until cancelled. Sign-up fees may reapply in the case of subscriptions which have been suspended/cancelled and then restarted. Non-payment of fees or declined payments will result in loss of membership or the inability to book classes and view protected online material.

8.3 Membership.

London Savate Club Membership is paid for monthly or annually. Club members in turn belong to the Great Britain Savate Federation (GBSF) and are covered by group Public Liability insurance. Members agree to the terms in this document and any relevant GBSF policies and may be expelled or suspended for violations or non-payment.